Mimi pove         

So today I'm go to released my video with Nicki and I go see Chris too so I'm kind busy but let me get dress so I'm go the airport right now I miss my bother Chris

Me:sup Chris

Chris:wow you look fly girl

Me:I know but I'm go  put  you off at my place alright


Me:OK(drive off)

At the house

Me:we are here

Chris:Mimi this your damn house?

Me:yes oh plus I have all Jordan's A to Z

Chris:girl I love you

Mimi:I know right but i will you tonight bye (drive off faster)

Chris:wow (walk in the house)

     At nighttime

Mimi: hey you want play Chris Brown dance

Chris:wait you mean I have a video game?


Chris:oh gosh it so amazing

Mimi:alright let's go check it out


What do you think will chris love the game and this mimi go tell everyone it she have girlfriend will the family still love or be med at her find what will happen  to mimi and chris in story enjoy💯✌✌💞

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