A Talk.

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I threw the door open to see Kakashi, Sasuke, and Tazuna all sitting around the wooden kitchen table lazily while Tsunami poured them coffee from a large glass pot. They all whipped their heads up at my outburst. "Where the fuck is Naruto?" I hollered, out of breath from running around the whole entire house looking for him.

Kakashi looked back down to the book he held in his hand. I'd seen it before, make-out tactics, "He said something about training, remember?"

"He went training last night. He hasn't been back since then! He's been spending the night in the woods alone while Zabuza is still out there somewhere! He could be dead, from Zabuza or just using too much chakra," I groaned and put my hand on my head, feeling faint with panic. I figured he would've come home last night, so I carelessly had gone to sleep. I should've known better. I should've at least supervised.

"Red, relax. He may be a goofy little kid, but he is a full-fledged ninja. He'll be alright," Kakashi said nonchalantly. I shot him a glare, how could he care this little about his own students? Probably because his ass wasn't on the line to protect them.

"Red's right," Sasuke sighed, "Naruto's such a loser, he's probably lying somewhere dead out there."

I let out an audible sigh before rubbing my temples out of irritation, "I'm going to go look for him, it's not like he could've gotten too far."

I heard the sound of a wood scraping wood as Sasuke pushed his chair in. He stuck his hands in his pockets and started walking towards the door. He slid it open before turning to look at me, "Well, aren't you coming?"

I nodded and walked out with him, and he slid the door shut quietly behind me. When we were out of earshot I stared at the ground nervously, "Sasuke, I know you're not crazy about Naruto. You really don't have to come with me, I'm fine on my own."

Sasuke turned around quickly, closing the distance between us. I felt the wooden walls of the house meet my back as he placed an arm on either side of my head, trapping me between them. He looked me dead in the eyes, "You honestly think I'd come out here for Naruto?" he raised a dark, sarcastic eyebrow at me.

I tried my best to glare up at him, but in all truth my insides were melting. He was so close yet again, "Well, I know you didn't come out here for me. You've been pretending like absolutely nothing had happened between us."

And he had been. The past two days everything was about a competition with Naruto or training to get better than Naruto. It was like our talk at the pier and the almost kiss never happened.

"Oh, so it wasn't my imagination, something did happen between us," He chuckled. I shot him a look, "I'm sorry it seems like I've forgotten about what happened the other day at the dock, but I haven't," he said quietly. He looked up at me through his long, black eyelashes, a little smirk came to his face, "In fact, it's all I've been thinking about."

I felt my face getting hot as I stared at him with wide eyes. My heart was racing and I wanted nothing more than the small gap between us to be closed, "What do you mean?" I managed to breathe out.

Sasuke let out a low, throaty chuckle, "I think you have an idea," he said removing his arms from either side of me. It took every fiber of my being to not yank them back, to make him tell me exactly what he meant.

I stared at him, waiting for his smooth lips to form more words, to go into detail on what exactly he was thinking about. And I mean all the details.

But it didn't come. Instead he shoved his hands back into his khaki shorts and tilted his head towards the path that led through the forest by Tazuna's house, where they had been doing all their training before, "After you."

I stood in the exact same place, still slightly awestruck. Why hadn't he made a move? "Huh?"

"That loser you were looking for? Well, I doubt we'll find him just standing around here," he said with a smirk, clearly amused by my frustration. "I mean, dead bodies don't tend to travel around."

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