before you read

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this book is a work of FICTION.

any resemblance of name (dead or alive, except bts' names), events and group/organization is purely coincidental.

this story is made of my IMAGINATION, which means that everything that you are about to read in this book is NOT TRUE.

examples of this are: name of hospitals, diseases, medicines, people and etc.

if you come across a type of disease, medication or drug/s that you are not familiar with, don't go mad about it because it probably is a product of my thoughts.

ALSO this is a very gay story. if you don't like it and it offends you in any way, im so sorry, and of course you could stop here hehe.

this book contains the following: angst, violence, use of alcohol and drugs, fluff and most likely sexual scenes in a few chapters.

reminder: plagiarism is a crime. use your brain, not my ideas ;)

tons of thanks to those who are reading this!

/le throws hearts ♥

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