Preference #1: Your First Kiss

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My first preference! Comment if you want to see more like these! Because I couldn't get a One Shot up I decided to post one of these! Enjoy and don't forget to tell me if you like!

~Amanda xx

Your First Kiss

Harry:"Honestly Y/N I'm not kidding! You're beautiful!" Harry exclaims, wrapping both arms around your small waist. You squeal and lean into his embrace, cheeks flushed.

"Haz, you always say that when you want something. Now what is it?" He'd been acting quite strange ever since he got home and couldn't keep his hands off you.

"Can I not compliment my girlfriend?" Harry stresses, spinning you around in his muscular arms. Your breathing increases at the close proximity of both of your faces and you can't help but blush once again.

"I guess so," you whisper, one hand on your boyfriends toned chest. He leans in slowly and teasingly until your lips close around one another's passionately.

Louis: "Want one babe?" Your boyfriend Louis asks, gesturing to the dozens of colourful flowers on the decorative cart.

"Lou, you don't have to-" you start but he cuts you off. "Nonsense. I'll take a bouquet."

"Ugh Louis!" He grins and pecks your nose. "Y/N, you're my girlfriend, and I want to buy you some flowers."

"Here you go sir," the man smiles, handing over the pretty objects.

You gasp, "They're so pretty!"

"Yes you are." Louis says cheekily and before you can smack him childishly his soft lips are on yours.

Liam: "You look beautiful," Liam speaks quietly, admiring the simple dress that adorned your body.

"Thanks, do you think Connor will like it?" You ask seeing his face drop a little.

"I'm sure he'll like anything that shows skin on you." He says yet another statement that's barely audible.

"C'mon Li, he's not that bad."

"Not that bad? Y/N, last week he shoved you against a bookcase!" You knew Liam was right but for some reason you stood up for your boyfriend. "H-he didn't mean to. He was drunk!"

"Like he is every night."

"Whats that suppose-" Before you could continue Liam pressed his lips to yours and kissed you passionately.

"Please stay with me?" He begs, resting his forehead on yours.

You smile, "Of course."

Zayn: "You hang up first!" "No you hang up first!" "No you hang up first!"

"How about I hang up first?" Zayn interrupts you and your best friends conversation pressing the end call button on your phone.

"Zayyynnnn!" You whine to your boyfriend, jumping on his back just as he turns around. Surprised, Zayn nearly crumbles to the floor but quickly recovers and spins you around on his back.

"C'mon you were spending too much time on the phone! I want you to hang out with meee!" He grins, looking over his shoulder at you.

"I'm sorry baby. Why don't we cuddle or something? You know, to make you feel less lonely?" The suggestive smirk on your face is completely evident as he walks over to the shared bed and drops you down, straddling your waist.

"This is why your my girlfriend." Zayn speaks softly, hinting that he liked your seductive side. You smile and kiss his nose but that doesn't seem to satisfy him. All of the sudden Zayn's rough lips are on yours and you share your first passionate kiss.

Niall: "I wanna be a billionaire, so fucking bad. Buy all of the things I never had!" You sing loudly, unaware that your boyfriend Niall was listening outside the bedroom door.

"I wanna be on the cover of, Forbes magazine! Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen!" Niall joins in, causing you to drop the duster you once held.

"You twat! You could've told me you were here!"

"But then I would of gotten to see you swing those sexy hips of yours!" He growls playfully, winking.

You flush and bend over to pick up the duster but shoot up when you feel Niall pressing his crotch against your bum.

"Babbeee," you whine, shoving him away so you can pick up the duster successfully.

"Yesss?" He grins sheepishly, stepping in front of you to obstruct your vision. "If you kiss me, I'll let you clean."

Your breathing increases. Kiss? Your first kiss with Niall? Were you actually ready? Before you could have a second thought you shove your lips against his and kiss him softly.

"Dust away!" He chirps, dazed.

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