Chapter 2

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*your pov*

When I finally reach my class I go inside and immediately go to the back seat and take out my black sharpie and doodle all over the table then a group of girls come in making alot of noise, these must be the plastics, they eye me and make their way over to my desk.

"Move" one says, flicking her blonde hair.
"why should I?" I confidently reply
"Because we say so" another says
"Yeah? Well actually I'm going to stay here because I say so." I say pointing my sharpie at her caked up face as if threatening to draw on her.
Gasps were heard from around the room and they walk off, making dumb noises.

Seven guys walked over to me as I rolled my eyes and prepared to give them the same ass whooping, but they introduced themselves.
" (Y/N), I'm Rap Monster, this is Jin, Suga, J-hope,Jimin,V and Jungkook together we are Bts, your new friends." he says, still smiling.
"Is this a joke?" you said raising your eyebrow
"No, we really want to be your friend you're so cool and badass?"J-hope squeals, like the fanboy he is.

"looks like I have a fanboy already, i beat my record,"you started
"what do you mean?" Asks V
"I mean what I said." You stuck your tongue out.
"well I guess that makes us friends then, yeah?" Jimin asked you
"I mean, I guess so" you shrugged.
"Yay!" V started dancing
"V stop that it'll ruin my vibe!" I shouted
"(Y/N) just leave V he is weird..." Jin says
"Yeah I can see that" you reply while rolling your eyes

I'm going to get along with them all really well.

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