***Scott’s POV***

                “…Paula?” “7.” “7?! Why only a 7?” “Because. She’s just a prude tease.” Alfred shook his head at me. “Whatever Spills. What about that chick you were with? Tiara?” “Kiara. 10.” Alfred grinned. “Damn dude. Girls never get a 10 from you.”

                We were sitting his room rating chicks from school. I shrugged, and starting thinking back to everything Kiara had said about him. She was right. He was short. I don’t even think he was five feet tall, and he was 16. He was rude and stuck up and cocky and all that other shit she said. But no one fucked with Alfred. He was little, but he was pretty tough. Plus, he didn’t play fair, and everyone knew it. He played dirty. Real dirty. You would regret fucking with the shrimp.

                It was mostly his mom’s fault. She spoiled the living hell out of him, and refused to believe he could do anything wrong. His dad had been a soldier, and had been killed in action when Alfred was 9. His mom started spoiling him back them, and it showed through quite clearly.

                “Boys! Dinner!” his mom called. We went downstairs and sat down. “So what were you boys up to up there?” Mrs. Young asked. “None of your business,” Alfred grumbled as he took a bite of the cheeseburger his mom had made.

                I turned on the TV and a commercial came on. “Mom, I want an iPad 2. My laptop is shit, and they’re better,” Alfred said. “Okay, honey. If you don’t swear anymore, maybe I’ll get you one,” Mrs. Young said, setting down a bowl of salad for us.

                I mentally snickered. He’d get it anyways. Mrs. Young would get Alfred whatever the hell he asked for. She felt like she could provide for him when she gave him physical things. She was usually gone away on business trips. She traveled even more than my mom, which was saying something.

                “Man, what’s up with that annoying Chester kid? He needs to stop stalking you,” Alfred said, food nearly falling out of his mouth as he spoke.

                I shrugged. “I don’t know man. We were friends when we were little kids, but that’s about it. I haven’t talked to him since I moved and now all of a sudden he wants to be my best friend or some shit. It’s pretty annoying.”

                “So why did you hang out with him if he’s annoying? Not to mention lame as fuck.” “Alfred! Watch your language, please,” Mrs. Young said sternly. “Shut up mom, I’m talking!” Alfred snapped and turned back to me. “So, why hang out with that bastard?”

                “It’s a good way to get to Kiara. She wants us to be all happy-friendly and shit, so I can get with her and ditch the bastard when the time is right.” Alfred laughed. “When the time is right? No time like the present, right? Just go at her, Spills.”

                I shrugged again. “I don’t think she’s that kind of girl. Actually, I can already tell she’s not that kind of girl. It’ll take a little time to get to her. Then I can ditch Chester.”

                We finished dinner and played some video games in his room before Karl texted me to get my ass in the car. I said by to Alfred and Mrs. Young before getting into Karl’s car.

                “Have fun?” Karl asked and I shrugged as I turned on the radio. “Let me smell your breath,” Karl said and I blew my breath in his face. “Ah, so that’s why it wasn’t very fun?” he asked with a grin and I grinned right back. “Let’s fix it when we get home.”