Chapter 8

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Jaxon's POV

"Well good morning sleeping beauties.."

Addison teases as we make our way into the kitchen. She's pouring a blood bag into a glass, no doubt for the mighty lord himself.

Rose giggles at Addison's little comment, she's having breakfast on the kitchen island. Andrew and I greet them as we walk in. They're the only two in here, the other girls must be out and about around the house. There's six girls in total.. Jacob, Andrew and I begin the only guys.

"You guys want to eat? Rose made some French toast." Addison points to a plate towards the stove. It smells delightful, but I don't think I can't stomach it right now.

I turned down the offer making my way over the coffee pot. Andrew on the other hands, goes and serves himself and nice stack of toast.

I take a seat on the stool next to Rose on the island, stirring my coffee. I can't believe I kissed her. I'm such a dead man.

"Earth to Jaxon.." Rose nudges me.

"I'm sorry, what?"

She lets out a small giggle, "I said how's the hangover treating you?"

"Oh God, can we not talk about it." I tell her, "The less I talk about it, the less I feel it." I wish.

Addison walks over, placing two white little pills on the counter in front of me. "Here, take these, maybe they'll help." I smile thanking her, as I down the aspirin with my coffee.

"Well.. I better get this to the mistress before all hell breaks loose." Addison jokes around, but there's clearly worry written all over her face.

She means Erin, you idiot!

"Hey, Adi, wait up!" i tell her, nearly leaping off the stool. "Let me take that for you," I offer. This could possibly be my only time to talk to her, and I think I need to explain myself about last night. "I'm sure you haven't ate yet, right?" she doesn't answer me, but her looks give it away that I'm right.

"I don't know, Jaxon, she's in a rather bad mood." she trails off.

I wonder if I'm the reason why she's in a bad mood? All better reason to go myself, rather than Addison. If she's gonna yell at someone, it should be me. I got admit though, I'm pretty anxious myself.

Either way, I grabbed the drink from her, "go have some breakfast, I got this." I nudge her playfully.

"She's in the living room..."


I stop at the entrance of the living room when I see her sitting on the couch. She has her knee's pressed against her, staring off into the fireplace. I can't see her face from here, but she's clearly thinking about something. I don't want to interrupt her thoughts, so I wait it out.

Honestly, I'm just trying to by sometime. Trying to think of what the hell to say.

"Why is it every time I'm expecting someone else, you happen to show up?" her sweet, delicate voice is cold.

Wow, Addison wasn't messing around when she said she wasn't in a good mood.

"How did you know it was me?" She still has her back towards me so I thought I'd ask, knowing it was a stupid question anyways.

Turning her head back in my direction she says, "Your scent," no emotion whatsoever.

After being in this house for over a week, this the first time I get a glimpse of her eyes. They're beautiful.. breath taking actually.

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