Kisame Hoshigaki

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You were at the Akatsuki base and had just finished the dishes from dinner

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You were at the Akatsuki base and had just finished the dishes from dinner. They had asked you to join because of your unique ability to turn your whole body into granite. It was more of a defence but you could turn only your fists into stone so that your exceptional taijutsu skills would do more damage. 

However, there was no one for you to be paired up with at the moment so the boss asked you to stay behind and keep an eye on things. The person you wanted to be teamed up with the most was Kisame Hoshigaki.

You had always like sharks as a kid and now that you were older, seeing a shark man with amazing muscles made you go weak in the knees. However... He was also your rival. He looked hot, but his indifference to you drove you crazy.

Whenever he would be training, you turned it into some kind of competition. Funny enough, he actually accepted your challenges. He usually won, but that didn't stop you from trying to best him at something... anything.

You went to your room and flopped on your bed. The base was abnormally quiet because everyone was away. Wait a minute... with everyone away, you could finally enjoy the steam room and not worry about Hidan trying to seduce you. Or if it wasn't Hidan it was Tobi playing some dumb trick.

"I'm not going to waste this chance!" You said aloud.

You grabbed your (f/c) towel and headed to the steam room. There was a little a little foyer before the actual steam room so you just stripped down there. Once every last stitch of clothing had been removed, you wrapped your large towel around yourself and entered.

You liked lots of steam so you made sure you got plenty of it. You laid flat on your back, one knee propped up, and an arm over your eyes as you just let the heat soak into your body. You let yourself relax a little too much and felt yourself start to doze.

You were brought back to reality when you felt a brief gust of cool air. You sat bolt upright and made sure nothing was in plain view.

"Hidan, if that's you, I'm gunna tell Kakuzu on you." This had been a threat that had scared him off in the past.

"Good thing I'm not Hidan then." Came the familiar shark man's voice.

"Kisame? What are you and Itachi doing back so early?"

He made his way to you and sat down only a few feet away. You could see that he was only in a towel too.

"The situation didn't work out in our favor so we decided to leave it alone."

"Do you always come to the steam room after a mission?"

"I figured I'd join you."

"Ok..." That didn't answer your question. "Just don't get any funny ideas, fish face."

He raised an eyebrow and smirked. "What kind of funny ideas would you be referring to?"

You blushed slightly. "You know what I mean!"

He was suddenly behind you and whispered into your ear. "I'm not sure I do. You should clarify for me."

You felt your body heat up and it wasn't from the steam. Just what was he planning to do?

"If you don't tell me..." He firmly grabbed both of your breasts from behind causing you to gasp. "Then I guess I'll just have to figure it out." He began kissing and biting your neck as he fondled you.

You couldn't help but moan. You had fantasized about Kisame doing something like this to you but had decided not to entertain it, since you never thought it would happen. But he was your rival! Why was he doing this?

"Why...?" was all you could manage.

His grasp on your breasts was amazing and it seemed like he knew exactly what to do in order to turn you on.

"Because I can't keep my hands off of you any longer." He gave a squeeze that was tighter than the rest and your towel came undone. He returned to nipping at the soft spot on your neck grazing his pointed teeth against your flesh.

You tilted your head to the side enjoying the pleasure that he was giving you. He removed one of his hands and placed it on your thigh then slowly traced his fingers up. You shivered at his touch despite the heat. His fingers migrated and lightly touched the warmth between your legs.

"Stop!" you shouted as you suddenly stood up. He could have held you there but he didn't. You weren't going to let your rival win this one.

"Didn't you find that enjoyable?" Kisame asked with a smirk.

"It was..."

You saw Kisame's eyes study you. You looked down and realized the towel had not made the trip with you when you stood up. You quickly tried to cover yourself. He stood up and started walking towards you. You couldn't help but retreat. You wanted nothing more than to stand your ground but deep down you knew you wanted him.

"There's no need to cover up."

Your back hit a wall.

"You're beautiful." His face came within inches of yours. His lips dominated yours and his hands caressed every inch of your body. One hand found its way to your treasure and he thrust two fingers inside. You gasped and arched your back giving him the perfect opportunity to grab your (h/l) (h/c) hair and assault your stretched neck with kisses. You let out a moan as a pleasurable heat built up in waves.

You were at his mercy, not that you completely minded, but now it was time to turn the tables. You flipped the two of you around so that he was pressed against the wall. You hadn't seen when, but his towel was no longer around his waist.

You grasped onto him firmly and he let out a deep throated groan. Taking that as your signal to continue, you knelt down and slowly put him into your mouth. He grabbed your hair and tried to force you to move your head, but you held firm and continued to tease him.


That was the reaction you wanted. You rewarded him by bobbing your head and slowly picking up the pace.

Finally, he'd had enough and pulled you by the hair to a standing position and reclaiming his dominance by pinning you against the wall. His hands made their way to your rear and he lifted you. Your legs wrapped around his waist as he thrust inside you. You let out a loud moan at the incredible feeling of him inside you.

He began to move and slowly picked up the pace. You couldn't help but moan with each thrust which turned to cries of sheer bliss as he hit the perfect spot.


"Yes! Say it again!" He ordered.

The pleasure was building. You could feel it everytime he drove into you.

"Ki.. same!"

"Louder, (Y/n)!"

"KISAME!!" You shouted as the dam broke and the waves of ecstasy washed over you causing you to tighten around him extending its duration and bringing on his release.

The two of you were still for a moment before you tried to stand. He pulled out of you and you almost collapsed onto the floor, but he caught you.

"Looks like I win this one too." He teased.

"Just wait, I'll get you next time." You jested back.

"We will see, (Y/n), we shall see."

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