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Jason was doing okay. Sometimes he was quieter than usual, but he's always been one to hide his feelings for the sake of others. He was stubborn. Like me.

But we've agreed to keep as little from each other as possible. If he wants to sit in silence, we can do it together. But sometimes I leave him to do his own thing because I know my presence can be tiring, too. We know each other enough to know when to back away.

Last time, I didn't leave him alone when he needed to be, he clenched his fists until I left. That's how I know. I don't want to get into a fight with him. He's been fighting himself enough.

And we have a promising future. We both got into a university to study together along with Annabeth and Piper. Hazel, Frank, and Rachel we're going to a different one.

We've come a long way.

I kissed Jason on the forehead while he was fast asleep. I smiled fondly.

I wonder how he and mom would react if I pierced my ears.

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