Chapter Eight

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I spent the majority of that day out and about. Of course, I had to keep my hood up and face down.

It began raining, and I splashed through puddles, finding a bench, and sitting down on it. I liked watching people walk by. Mothers pushing strollers, men carrying suitcases. It was silly how serious they all were. I almost felt bad for them. I couldn't stop thinking about how easily I could pull the gun out from my pants and simply shoot them all.

My head wandered over towards the bench beside mine, where a woman surrounded by other people had started eyeing me down and nudging them. I looked down at my feet to hide my face, but I heard whispering erupt from their group.

"Shut up, shut up!" One harshly whispered. "She can fucking hear us."

Just then, I stood up and began walking away. I paused for a moment, and turn towards them, all of them stare at me.

I pretended to be holding something and take a bite out of it, before winking and walking away. They started freaking out amongst themselves.


I find myself walking down an alley way. It stopped raining, but everything's still wet from it.

Out of nowhere, I feel arms come around my body. I struggle, but it's nothing against their strength. I manage to pry one arm off of my face to see they're covered in black armor-like material.

"LET GO OF ME!" I scream.

He lifts me, and i push myself out of his grip when he readjusts.

I jump to the ground and begin running, looking back to see nothing there. I stop, breathing heavily.

Where the fuck did he go?

I continue running, but when I do a black figure lands in front of me, stopping me in my tracks.

He stands, revealing that Batfuck.

"Give up." He speaks. His voice is deeper than I remembered.

"Never!" I scream back, and begin running the opposite way.

He climbs up the building and jumps in front of me once again, this time trying to grab me in the process.

"Fuck off, Batdick!" I pull the gun out from my pants and aim, shooting.

He dodges the bullet and pulls out a boomerang and throws it at me. I duck, and run into a crowd, ducking low and moving with them to stay out of sight.

Turn and look, pulling my hood up.

He stands on a building, looking at the crowd. I watch as he shakes his head, and disappears behind the building.

"Jesus fuck." I sigh, "so much for my social life. "

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