Sun and Moon

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Chapter Five

The Sun and The Moon

Once a day and once a night cradled in the infinite universe was a sun and a moon.

Both drawn to one another's beauty, captured by their indifference's as the sun brought warmth and happiness and the moon brought luminous and passion. But the tale of these two has a mildy disadvantage, although they both share the same sky, they can never share it at the same time, one can only be above while the other one watches below.
But every so often there comes a time when they are given the opportunity to share and when they do, the world becomes at peace and still as their company brings the meaning of life and love to all that surrounds them.

As the early hours begin for the sun, he rises up to fill the iridescent sky with himself and welcomes the gift of sunlight to the many humans inhabiting the earth just below him. They stretch and yawn as they awake from their slumber and spread open their curtains, groaning as their body takes in the sun's warmth.

The clouds start to reel in and bring the sun company, assuring him that in this massive horizon, he wouldn't be alone and that made the sun shine brighter and give purpose for the world. The world was content and friendly, and nobody thought any less or more of you as you staggered around, they simply kept to themselves. People smiled in the sun's glory as they went about their daily commutes allowing the sun to follow their every movement, but as the day passes by like the watches of busy bystanders lost in their lives, the sun slowly frowns and falls back to his murky hiding place as he becomes eclipsed for the night.

As the last hours begin for the moon, he soon rises up and illuminates the vast starry night and offers passion as people settle in close into their companions embrace, contemplating over their tender encounters and exchange intimate moments. Their bare bodies only longing for one another and hearts subtly beat as their eyes trail up and down from the top of their head to the underside of their toes.

The moon slightly becomes amused as he witnesses the world at it's finest and exhales in a relieving tone as the people drift off for the night. The stars scattered around encasing him in a sea of celestial body as they befriend him and shine amongst his side, intrigued at what they had created. But underneath them the sun scoffs and becomes enraged with envy as the stars surround the moon and not him. The sun yearn for the moon but the moon never seemed to notice him leaving a hole in the sun's heart.

But as time goes by, the night changes back and the moon falls while the sun rises and during the brief transition, the sun and the moon emerge into the same atmosphere, inhabiting the same line of vision and the sun musters up the courage to speak.

''It seems as if every time I fall, I fall for you Moon, but you never seem to care.'' The sun said.

The moon becomes confused and lost in the sun's words as he replies back carefully.

''I do care Sun, I care every night, I attempt to get your attention but you never notice.'' The moon slowly begins to draw closer to earth as the sun slowly rises up.

''But how can I when you have the stars to accompany you, there are millions of them and only one of me.'' The sun sadly informs.

''You don't understand, those stars every night connect together to form thousands of hearts simply for you but you never see them and that leaves me out of sorts.'' The moon explains.

The sun reaches the sky and incandescent the world as he peers down and speaks back at the moon with a bit of baffle in his voice.

''Those hearts are for me?'' He questions him.

''Yes, always for you.'' The moon says and smiles.

The sun becomes engulfed with fondness and bliss unaware that those sea of hearts were for him and only for him. He was in a bit of a frenzy and unable to comprehend how much the moon was falling for him and shamefully felt as if he betrayed him for being so cruel and quietly apologized as the moon tuckered securely down and quietly whispered.

''Although I am immersed with countless number of stars, please always know that they will never compare to you, I only belong to you.''

The sun fell silent as he glanced past the given horizon and inhaled the world as he was able to see the delicacy of it and knew at the softening moment how he had reached happiness.

''I will see you again sun.'' The moon spoke once more and closed his eyes.

Then the sun soon smiled and replied back, ''As will I, moon.''

Always. The word that defines this tale, as in I will always fall for you as if it was the first, as in I will always love you indefinitely, as in I will always belong to you whether it's in life or afterlife. I will always be yours.

This was the tale that defined us, these two separate pieces attaching together and becoming whole, you were the moon as I was the sun.

You found this tale to be endearing and advocated until your eyes watered and throat became parched for me to tell you this every morning and every night and I willingly accepted with pride, because in the smallest of things I was drawn to you Louis and desired nothing more then to tend to your needs.

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