Tsubaki x Reader

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"Spoiled or not spoiled?"

"Grace watcha doin'?"

"Oh nothing, just wondering if this milk is spoiled or not"

"Give me that"

The girl takes the milk away from Grace and tastes the milk with her finger.

"It's spoiled just like your attitude"

"Whatever...hey Y/N?"


"Can you go down to the convenience store and pick up some milk?"

"Oh ok, I was gonna go and buy some snacks for Kuro amyways"

"Kuro? But isn't he a cat?"

"Oh sorry I meant cat food...he he"


"See ya!"

As Y/N left the house she ran over to the convenience store and bought some chips and milk. Then she head over to Mahiru's place to eat dinner.

"Hey Mahi?"

"Oh Y/N what are you doing here?"

"Just dropped by to give Kuro some snacks"

The cat walked over to the girl and hovered over her as she gave the bag of chips to him. She scooted him out of the way and placed her hands on her back. She closed her eyes and made her way over to the kitchen where Mahiru was preparing something.

"Soooo Mahi...watcha makin'?"

"Ugh fine...do you want to eat dinner here,Y/N?"

"Oh me? You see I have a very tight schedule~ I wouldn't have time to eat but if you insist"

"You really are something"




"Is it bad?"

"NOPE! It's actually the opposite it's really good Mahi!"

"Oh...thank you"

As Y/N finished up eating as she washed her plate and waved a goodbye before grabbing her satchel and running back home.

"Huh? Didn't I just walk the same street"

"What are you doing here?"

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