Chapter Eighteen

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[Chapter Eighteen]

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[Chapter Eighteen]

Even if Ringo wanted to put the effort into the class, it was hard for him to focus on anything that Professor Sprout was talking about because he truly didn't have any sort of interest in Herbology. He understood what Professor Sprout was saying, about the necessity of magical plants and how they were extremely important to potions and draughts, even some acting as medicine on their own. Yet, he only found himself bored, a bored Ringo could often time lead to danger. However, when he looked to his right, there was Tonks, and when he looked to his left, there was Charlie. Two persistent arses that just weren't taking no for an answer as they were practically fighting to form some kind of friendship. 

The only reason Ringo would ever pursue a friendship with Charlie over Tonks was that the boy didn't actively seek him out, nor was he loud like Tonks. Tonks had already made several mistakes, most which involved her trying to touch him. Her major strike had been the way that she grabbed him by the collar, Ringo could still feel it as his hand took to rubbing his neck throughout the class time. He honestly didn't understand what made her think she could do such a thing and as much as he didn't want to admit to himself, he was only angry because it had frightened him.

Feeling the sensation of his collar tightening around his neck had brought back horrible memories of being snatched away from his bedroom against his will. Tonks didn't understand, she thought she was only being playful but he didn't understand how he was supposed to get across from her that he wasn't ready for people to be playful around him if she wouldn't listen.

He told her to go away and she would do the exact opposite. No one seemed to understand that he was attempting to protect himself and possibly others as well.

Ringo thought back to the last time someone had grabbed him by the back of his collar. He had been thirteen, already living on the streets for a few years by then, trying to navigate and not get caught. A man had approached Ringo, asking him for a "favour" in the alleyway that Ringo was standing near. As stupid and naive as he could be, Ringo believed that he just needed help with something. The man was dressed in a professional manner of a business suit, he didn't carry the atmosphere of a low-life, so Ringo didn't pick up on the sense to be cautious.

He had followed the man into the alleyway and then watched in confusion as the man attempted to lower his trousers and pants. 

Suddenly, the panic sent in Ringo's mind and he tried to get away but the man was much stronger than Ringo, grabbing the boy by the collar and dragging him down to where he wanted Ringo to be positioned. Everything had happened so quickly, to that day, Ringo still couldn't remember all the events that occurred in those moments. It had left him with a warped vision of the world as after the man was finished, he simply allowed Ringo to fall to the cold ground, leaving him there. Money was thrown at the boy's face, but that didn't do anything for Ringo at that moment. 

Squeezing his eyes shut and clenching his fists together, Ringo was trying to ignore the memories that were flooding back, but to the others around him, they just assumed that he was pissed off. They figured that he was getting ready to attack one of them as all they did was stare at him until the end of class. Charlie and Tonks continued to sit with Ringo, even after the class was dismissed and the class had cleared out to start walking towards their next one.

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