Hermione and myself turned in for the night after Luna and Harry left. I walked her to her room and hugged her before I retreated to my own. As I lay in my bed I thought about Mr. and Mrs. Granger and searching for them. Then an idea came to my mind. I spent the night up searching for the places they had been, searching every town and every city. Then I found them, they were residing in a small flat in London... weird they didn't go far. I wrote down the address and then decided it was best to get up and get a shower before I started breakfast.

I had just finished making breakfast and set the table when Hermione came in dressed in a cream colored dress. I smiled and then gasped from shock I saw her hair.

"What did you do?" I asked confused as to why she changed her hair color.

"I made the color a shade or two lighter. Don't you like it?" she asked me as she sat down.

I sat down across from her and just stared.

"Of course I do but blonde really?"

"Well you are blonde? and so you know its not blonde its a golden brown."

We ate our breakfast adn then I decided it was time to give her the news.

"I know where your parents are" I told her.

I watched as her eyes widened.

"Where are they?"

"A flat in London." I paused to take a piece of paper out of the breast pocket of my blazer and handed it to her. "949 Sulley lane."

She looked at me and then down to the paper.

"They haven't left?"

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"They still live in my house. How is that possible?"

I shrugged my shoulders before I answered her question.

"You may have erased their memories but I guess it was destiny that rooted them there." I replied.

I watched as her eyes began to water and a smile crept across her face. Quickly she got to her feet and wiped her eyes.

"Come on" she said pulling me to my feet. "Lets go."

Taking my hand she turned on the spot and we apparated. When I opened my eyes I was staring up at a brick house, its neighbors were built the same. The mailbox on the side read 'Mr. and Mrs. Granger'.

"Do you know how to lift the memory charm?" I asked her

She nodded her head and walked forward. Slowly she rose her hand up and knocked on the door. Before I could count to five a woman with brown curly hair answered the door. Hermione quickly muttered the counterspell and then again to her father who appeared at his wifes side seconds later. Hastily she put away her wand before her parents minds came to focus.

"Hermione, love what are you doing home?" Her mother spoke a smile on her face.

Without another word Hermione embraced her parents and began crying.

"Hermione, what is wrong?" Her father asked her.

She leaned back and wiped her eyes before smiling.

"Nothings wrong, everything is perfect now." she whispered.

Hermiones mothers gaze found me and she smiled.

"Who is this young man?" She asked Hermione.

"This is Draco, my boyfriend." She took a step back and took my hand.

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