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Oh god. Um I have no idea how to start this off. Well, hi. I'm Kathryn Grier and I'm 17 years old. If you haven't already told, I'm very awkward. I don't really to much people, so I don't have many friends. And there's one last thing, I'm very fat. I know that you, whoever you are that is reading this, is probably thinking, "ew, it's another one of those anorexic white bitches!" But I don't call myself anorexic. I'm just a fat girl that wants to be skinny.

Okay I don't want to get into that or else deep shit will go down and I don't really want all of my life and personal information to everyone who actually reads this.

So today is just a normal Tuesday, or so I thought. I got changed into a black sweatshirt that said "hi, I'm awkward.",
Some black leggings, and black converse. For "makeup" or whatever you call it I have a nude lipstick. And if you're thinking "ewwww why didn't she shower?" Oh well, I showered the night before and I think it's wasting water if you shower twice a day. Then again, I know nothing about the water system because I really couldn't give a shit. I got my black PINK book bag and headed out my bedroom. I walked down the stairs hearing my brother and his stupid friends screaming and throwing food around. I looked at them all in disgust as they eat three donuts at a time. When my brothers friend, Cameron, noticed that I was there, he made sure that everyone new that I was there by practically screaming

"Hi Katie!"

Oh. I forgot to mention that my "nickname" is Katie. And I hate it. Just call me Kathryn, It's not that hard!

"Here you go." My brother Nash said while throwing a chocolate donut at me.

I surprisingly caught it and looked down at it in disgust.

"I'm not hungry." I said and put it on the counter next to me and left.

I was walking to school cuz I didn't feel like driving to school with my brothers and his friends. As I faintly see my school, I bump into someone. Fuck. This means I have to interact with them. I looked up and saw a boy's face I've never seen before. He was cute, but I don't want to have feelings for someone because all they'll do is take your heart and stomp on it.

"Sorry" I mumbled And looked back down.

I began walking away from the confused looking boy, just wanting to stay away from everyone today.

"Wait!" I heard him say behind me.

Ugh I just don't want to talk to anyone. But no, that would never happen to me. The world hates me too much to do that.

I turned around slowly as I saw the boy stop in front of me, too close for my liking.

"Uh. Hi. I'm Matt. Um I'm new to this town, uh I was wondering if you could-"

"Look, I really don't want to talk to you or hear your problems, so can you ask someone else." I said confidently and started walking away.

I know that might have been a little mean, but I just don't like talking to people.

I walked up to the school doors and opened them. I walked in and saw them same people that I've seen since Kindergarten. (All around me are familiar faces, worn out faces).

I walked to my first class and sat in my desk in the back. I watched as everyone filled into the room, where the room that was much quieter a few minutes ago sounds like all the animals at the zoo were released into this classroom. I could already tell this was going to be a horrible day and nothing has even started yet.

Hi. I'm bored while watch Tana Mongeau videos. Blah. I have school tomorrow. Help me.

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