Chapter 6

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"Have you no regard for timing?" Symon says angrily, shutting the door to his room behind us firmly. "I said dinner!"

"I know, I'm sorry," I whisper.

"We were practically done with our food. I looked incompetent to my uncle!"

"He isn't your uncle," I breathe bravely, closing my eyes, my back to him.

There's a moment of silence. "What?"

"He isn't your uncle, Symon... Do you even remember your family? Your real family? The mother you loved?"

"Of course I do."

"Do you miss her?"

"I do. Although, unlike you, I've grasped what my life is now! That the life I had is not mine anymore. I like my life here!"

I turn. "And I'm not allowed to complain? To let you in on what this has been like for me? Is that what you're saying?"

"I mean, you can, but much damn good it's going to do! You need to accept this."

"Accept you, you mean?"

He presses his lips together angrily. "There are plenty of women who would happily be with me, Gillian. You should just consider yourself lucky I'm offering this. I'm offering to make you a lady."

"Offering... You're offering?"

He smiles, with fury. "And I can take it back."

"You've already told the clan," I seethe, as he steps closer to me.

"I'm sure they wouldna mind me going back on this promise... I've had you. Don't forget that."

My heart runs cold. "Are you threatening me?"

He removes his belt, dropping it and his sword onto the bed. "It would seem so."

I stare at him, my vision blurred. "You wouldn't."

"I would and it would be in your best interest to shut up and deal with this. I'm sick of having to talk about this. I feel like it's becoming a goddamn chore."

"You're an asshole!" I shout. "This! This is why I'm scared to speak to you about anything! Why I can't tell you anything! You don't listen!"

"Tell me what you want to tell me."



"You won't like it," I clarify, teeth gritted tightly together.

"So be it!"

Breathing uneven, I stare up into his eyes, at his dare to push this further and hesitate. "We're just angry... Let's just- cool down and talk tomorrow."

"No, you started this shit, Gillian. I won't sleep unless you tell me."

I look at him, blinking evenly. "Symon."

"Lachlan! Jesus Christ, how many times do I have to fucking tell you that?!" he booms, igniting the fire in my heart.

My eyes slim. "Alright? You know what? Lachlan, you're a jerk! You have been since I gave you my virginity and if I'd known, I absolutely wouldn't have. I'm scared- I've been scared every damn day since we arrived here and you don't care! You don't! And the worst part is-" I laugh, now completely losing it, despite the rigidness of his body, "I'm supposed to hold my tongue because Greer told me to! She told my you'd hurt me! That you're a violent man, that it's in your blood! That you will always hurt me, because you just can't fucking help it!"

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