Chapter 44

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New York, 2015

Gray eyes were focused on what lay beyond the glass pane.

The floor to ceiling window in his apartment gave him an ultimate skyline view.

The manic busy city of New York. The city that never slept. He watched aimlessly at the dime sized yellow cabs stop and go throughout the streets as tiny people in swarms walked about.

The cacophony of the busy lifestyle beyond this glass was one he grew accustomed to since arriving here 3 years ago from London.

Still trying to grip his bearings of this life he did not know or belong to, he surprisingly adapted well. Slowly but surely. And thanks to the help of his great-great many times removed grand nephews Jason and Dennis .

With a smirk he shook his head. If anyone knew of this they would think him a lunatic and lock him up in a phych ward. So his nephew Dennis claims.

He is still amazed til this day of how they found him. He was in more of a shock to know that they knew of him and what he had done to be here.

He defied the laws of time to be with his love. Tara.

The day he opened his eyes, he was confused. He had no clue of what to expect he was not even sure if he was in the right era. He was still in London. In a hospital. According to the nurses he was found passed out along the country side. Struck by a car and left for dead no doubt in the freezing weather. They called it a hit and run.

He soon learned he was in the year 2012 far from the year in which Tara mentioned. He had arrived too soon.

Anxious and uneasy he wanted to go to her.

After 3 days of confusion and not knowing how to respond to their questions, he was visited by Dennis and Jason. It was an awkward meeting at first as they told the nurses he was family.

Duncan weary and exhausted with everything that was happening he said nothing as they watched the nurse leave. When he was finally alone with them, he explained to Dennis that he must be mistaken because he had no family. He did not know them.

The smile that appeared on his face as he turned to look at his brother with a mixture of awee stopped Duncan immediately from speaking.

"I understand your confusion. You don't have to worry. I am here to help you. We all are." Dennis mentioned as he pulled a chair close and sat at his side.

"Yes, I understand but who are you and who do you speak of?" Duncan felt agitated.

Never would have he expected to hear the next few words that would only leave him flabbergasted.

"If you are Sir Duncan Du Bec, Son of Ardolf and brother to Aidan....then we are your descendants. We, and those that are still alive in my family are descendants from your brother Aidan," Jason smiled.

With a loss for words Duncan sat there unable to comprehend what they were saying. Until they handed him a two pieces of parchment paper.

With a frown he opened it on shaky hands. His eyes focused on the familiar handwriting of both his father and Aidan. Overwhelmed and swallowing hard at the lump forming in his throat, he read his fathers first.


My Dear Son,

When this missive reaches you, I will be long gone. Since the day you left, your brother, the gypsy and I have set in motion the needed steps for you to succeed at finding Tara.
With your last words, you asked that Aidan write of his life. And he has done so.
He has made it his duty to chronocalize it and passed on the task to his children. Our purpose is to pass through the bloodlines; the knowledge of what you have done and to be aware of your arrival. With emphasis we ensured that it would be done. I pray that it has and you are reading this.

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