Chapter: #11

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So, I made this a crosserover and an AU.. I'm over working myself X3
I'm suffering an intense case of writers block.
Just in case you guys didn't already know, I make this story up as I go. So at this very moment, I have no idea what I'm gonna write 'cause I always write these ANs before I even begin the chapter.
School starts up again in, like, 3 weeks. So I'm rlly busy.
I'm doing the best I can! I keep getting comments of people saying stuff like "Update quickly! I can't wait any longer!" And the like.
I know it's not very forceful, but I don't like to keep you guys waiting too long.
Plus, I'm working on some other stories I'm gonna publish soon.
And, I have a Bearded Dragon who's not eating as much as he's suppose to, and idk what's wrong!
I know what ur thinking.
'Hey, I don't wanna hear about ur personal problems!'
Yikes. That's harsh.
Stop, stop, stop writing this! Get on with the story, Milo! I know you love talking to ur fans, but rlly!
Okay, me, okay.
Hope u enjoy~!♡


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wirt, (he looked as great as always, but that's not the point) was sprawled just outside the doorway, suitcase forgotten to the side and water soaking the front of his shirt. Greg was standing on the carpet on the opposite side of the door Wirt was, eyes sparkling as he stared at the mermaid who'd just answered the door.

"Is that a mer-lady!?"

Dipper ignored Greg's comment. The cervitaur's breath caught in his throat as Wirt's gaze locked with his and a shiver danced along his spine as the same word his friend sent over text was whispered just loud enough for him to catch.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dipper's breath caught in his throat. It was really him.. it was Wirt!

Unwanted heat pooled in his abdomen. A strange sensation swelled within his chest. Happiness? Or.. something else? He never actually thought about how he felt about his best friend. The cervitaur just chose to forget it ever happened. How did he feel about Wirt?

His hand unconsciously went to his chest, gripping the clothed area over his racing heart. Overwhelmed by all the emotion, he blinked a couple times to try and rid of the sudden wetness forming at the corners of his eyes.

He only half registered the hand that snaked up his arm to grip his shoulder, squeezing gently. Dipper appreciated that Will was trying to comfort him, but, honestly, it didn't help in the slightest.

Wirt was now standing just inside the doorway, and the cervitaur couldn't help but notice how his eyes followed William's hand up his arm.

Instantly, Dipper starting feeling self conscious. Whispering a quiet "Excuse me.." the cervitaur quickly trotted out of the room, brushing Will's hand off his shoulder and pretended he didn't see the hurt look the hunter sent his way that caused the slight smirk that Wirt tried so hard to hide.

Awkward silence thick in the air, Mabel attempted to brighten the mood.

"Hey, um, anyone want some tea..?" Laughing stiffly, the mermaid shut the door, motioning toward the living room. "You can take a seat anywhere." Rolling off in the direction of the kitchen.

Grabbing the kettle, filling it with water(tap water, not the water in her tank, of course), and putting it on the stove, Mabel was surprised to see Grunkle Stan sitting at the small table.

Looking up from the newspaper he was reading, the gargoyle snorted at the shocked expression on Mabel's face.

The mermaid arched an eyebrow. "Grunkle Stan, I thought you left?" The gargoyle claimed yesterday that he was leaving for a trip the next morning. When Mabel asked where, Stan just quickly changed the subject, obviously not wanting anyone to know, so she didn't ask again. All her Grunkle told her was that he was gonna be gone for a while, but he didn't exactly know how long.

"I forgot to tell Dipper, was gonna tell 'em myself, but it looks like you'll have to." Mabel flinched.

Sighing, she flicked water at her Grunkle's face. "You heard all that?"

The gargoyle grunted, dragging a clawed hand over his stone hard face. "Looks like a lots gonna happen while I'm gone"

The kettle whistled, and Mabel moved it onto the center of the stove, where it was cooler. Grabbing three cups, she opened a box of tea packets, placing them all in the cups with the string hanging over the side. Glancing her Grunkle stand up in the corner of her eye, she felt a cold hand fall on her shoulder.

"I'll be leaving now.."  He made eye contact with her. "Take care of your brother for me."

"I will" Mabel smiled. Leaning up, she gave her Grunkle a quick peck on his gray nose.

Going back to making the tea, she listened to the gargoyle's loud footsteps leave the kitchen.

"Don't burn down the Shack while I'm gone-!"


Silence reined over them, now crowded in the living room. Dipper was figeting on the floor next to the coffee table, legs tangled. Will in the chair, and Wirt sitting awkwardly at the end of the couch, picking at loose strands of string hanging off the old furniture.

Clearing his throat, Will pointed at Wirt, not caring about politeness at this point.

"Who's he?"

Wirt's head swung up in William's direction, startled from the sudden rude question. He could feel sweat at his brow, the stress of seeing Dipper as a freakin' deer  way too overwhelming. He fought back the millions of questions he had about that, and squinted, just making a fool of himself, most likely.

Gulping, he was aware of the sudden dryness of his mouth. "I-I'm Wirt," his hands went to his thighs, gripping the tight fabric of his leggings. "I'm D-Dipper's-"

Will interupted him, scowling. "I didn't ask you, book worm!" Assuming by Wirt's nerdy sweater.

Eyebrows furrowing, Wirt felt anger bubble up to the surface, all shyness completely gone. "Hey, watch it, buddy! Don't just assume by somebody's appearance!"

Standing up, Will growled under his breath. Wirt did the same. The hunter strode over, grabbing Wirt by the front of his sweater. "Listen up, no jeans, you can't just show up and start causin' drama 'round here, got it?" His grip tightened, and Wirt's hands went up to clutch at Will's wrists, sqeezing. "So why don't you just scurry on home before you end up gettin' hurt."

While all this was happening, Dipper was trying to get William to release Wirt, fumbling to get his legs untangled. "G-Guys! Don't fight, please!" He gripped Will's wrists, over Wirt's own hands, yanking, trying to get Will off. "Will! Stop, leave him alone!"

Suddenly Mabel rolled in, carrying a tray with four cups of tea.

"Ladies, ladies, you're both pretty."

Slamming down the tray onto the coffee table, see looked everyone dead in the eyes, her strained smile looking more like a smirk.

"I hope you like Vanilla."

That seems about right. I'm gonna end the chapter there.
There will be no more chapters until I get my laptop fixed.
I struggled with this chapter a bit, but I hope u enjoyed^^
PS- I apologize for the EXTREMELY late chapter'''''
PSS- I started this chapter MONTHS ago and am just finishing now lol

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