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in the very end, those
whom you do not expect
to be with, end up being
destined together and that
was the fate that belonged
to hyunhee and bin.

despite of time and place,
the red string of fate
remained in between them.

it was like a treasure
that couldn't be lost.

"i always thought that i would
stay in an unrequited love with you."
bin had confessed, swinging his
arms around the feminine girl.

the couple were enjoying a
trip at jeju island as Astro's
schedule was on hiatus.

the day went on as the
two lovebirds spent their
time in each others presence.

regardless of time, love
always finds its way for
those who are fated for
each other.

"let's go to the beach, there's
a firework display later on."
bin says, pulling hyunhee
off the couch until she gained
her balance.

hands intertwined, they
make their ways towards
the beach. cluelessly, they
hadn't known that astro
members secretly came to
jeju as well.

shortly after their walk,
they arrived at the beach
with an extravagant scenery.

hyunhee went ahead towards
the shore and dipped her foot
in the crystal clear water.
bin followed behind with a
mischievous smirk on his face.

he gently pushed her and ran
away in success, leaving hyunhee
to squeal at the cold sensation.

hyunhee shouted.

she glared at bin from afar
and sprinted to his direction.
without being cautious of her
surroundings, she tripped
and fell face to the sand.

everything felt like deja vu
as she reminisced their
childhood memories.

bin stopped in his tracks to
look back at his girlfriend,
only to find him chuckling.
he walks towards her and
helped her up.

"some things
just never change."
says bin.

"like my love for you."
he grins, changing the aura.

hyunhee gawked at his
cheesiness as she took
a handful of sand and
threw it across his face.

bin mutters in disgust.

hyunhee jokes, while bin
rolled his eyes in response.

she clung onto him and
tiptoed to kiss him on
the lips as an apology.

"i love you."
hyunhee says.

"then you wouldn't
have thrown that at me!"
bin exclaimed.

the two laughed it off
and went ahead towards
the water.

"omo! that guy over
there looks like sanha!"
hyunhee exclaimed.

"wait, that is sanha."
bin muttered.

the two were focused on him
and haven't noticed that the
other members were quietly
walking from behind.

jinjin exclaimed,
startling both bin and hyunhee.

bin held his chest
from the startle.

"yah! why didn't you
tell us you were coming?"
bin questioned.

"we wanted it to be
a surprise but sanha
was too obvious."
eunwoo chirps in.

everyone had reunited once
again after a long period of
time. finally the freedom that
they awaited for has come.

each and everyone had their
own source of doing. as for
the love birds, they enjoyed
the sunset and breathtaking
views of the sky.

"i love you."
says bin, pulling her closer.

"i love you too."
hyunhee replies, snuggling
onto the crooks of his neck.

in the end, true love isn't
always about a happy ending
because true love doesn't end.

bins face grows closer towards
hyunhee's, only inches away
from their lips connecting.
in sync, they leaned in with
a startle of flash.

sanha snickered and ran away
with a smirk on his face.

"yah sanha!
you're still a baby!"
hyunhee shouts jokingly.

"send me the picture!"
bin yells as hyunhee
slaps his shoulder.

"and that's a wrap!"
the director exclaims,
everyone cheering in
their own accomplishments.

it has officially ended.

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