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luke hammings: mikegjeurihgs

luke hammings: micHAEL

luke hammings: where r u

luke hammings: omg

luke hammings: y do u hate me

luke hammings: miCHAEL 

luke hammings: mifefidskefikds

mike: omg wtf do u want

luke hammings: i'm bored

mike: be bored another time

luke hammings: y

mike: bc i'm doing something rn 

luke hammings: .

look: i changed my name

mike: i can see that

mike: can u stop messaging me rn i'm kinnnnndaaa buusy

look: ok i'll message you l8r ok?

mike: ok thx

look: np

mike: thx

look: no problem

mike: th

mike: x

look: shut up

look: message me when ur done with whatever ur doing

mike: k thx

look: shut up

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