Chapter 10

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            The next morning I was woken by Cody finally returning to the room. "Where have you been, dude?" I mumbled sleepily. He looked over and chuckled but I wasn't sure why as I sat up, rubbing my eyes.

            "I told you I had things to do." He shrugged casually. "Get up. Its breakfast time."

            "Can I take a shower first?" It would be such a relief to be clean again...

            "Sure. Go ahead. I'll be back in about thirty minutes then?" I nodded and watched silently as he left. Now that he was gone I searched around the room hurriedly but Alec was nowhere to be seen. I couldn't possibly imagine that I dreamed the whole thing because the necklace was still secured tightly around my neck. Sighing, I hopped off the bed and headed to the bathroom. Luckily there were towels already in there so I jumped right in. The hot water felt amazing so I took longer than I probably should of but I didn't care. I hadn't take a shower since... I couldn't even remember. I wanted to stand in it forever but the heat soon vanished so I wrapped a towel around myself and exited the shower.

            As I glanced around the room I suddenly realized my grave mistake; I'd forgotten clothes. Now I'd have to go out and get some. Sighing deeply, I opened the door and stepped into the room holding the towel securely with one hand. It wasn't loud but I heard someone's quick intake of breath and I snapped my head around to glare at Cody who had entered the room. His eyes had widen but he immediately adverted his eyes. And turned his back. “Um. Sorry.”

            "Yea. Uh. I'll just take these and head back in there..." I threw open the trunk, grabbed the first thing I saw and ran back into the safety of the bathroom, my face on fire. When I finally finished getting dressed I headed out into the hall the find Cody, strangely sitting on the floor. "So when's breakfast?" I asked casually.

            "Now." He murmured, stood and started down the hallway; I followed after obediently.

            "He’s very rude." A voice commented from my side, effectively scaring the living daylights out of me.

            "Gah!" I shrieked, my hand flying to cover my heart and glaring at Alec, who had suddenly reappeared at my side. Alec smirked charmingly. "Don't do that!"

            Cody glanced back at me, confused. "What are you talking about?"

            I shrugged self-consciously and pointed at Alec. "He scared me."

             "There's no one there, Gracie."

            "Yes there is." I insisted, flicking my gaze between Alec and Cody. “He's a ghost.”  Alec only continued smirked.

            "He can't see me."

            I glared at him. "Are you kidding me?"

            "No." His smirk turned into a broad, mischievous smile. To prove his point he walked right up to Cody and waved his hand in his face. Cody just looked right through him to me.

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