Chap 2

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Mia's POV

I instantly went on Twitter, and put a countdown on my name

Mia 30 days.

A month. I see them in a month.



I tweeted them and to my surprise Phil actually liked my tweet. I gasped. "This is gonna be so much fun." I thought then went to sleep.

*Next Day*

I woke up, changed my countdown to 29 and went downstairs, daydreaming as usual. I grabbed some cereal, ate it, then put on my Dan and Phil blossom sweater and Phandom wristband. I was number 2, I got lucky somehow. I then grabbed my backpack, and walked to the bus stop.

"MIA!" "LILY!" I hugged my best friend. "I'm meeting them Lily." I said and she gasped. "Yes!!! Finally!" Lily has met them before, and it was my turn, I smiled and went onto the bus and sat next to Lily.

*Time Skip V 2*

I walked inside my house, and checked Twitter. I had a lot of notifications and I looked at them. One stuck out.

Danisnotonfire is following you
AmazingPhil is following you

I screamed. I looked at DMS to see one from Dan.

Heya Mia! You won the DM and follow hope you have a great day ^-^

I complete forgot about that. I did my near impossible math homework and walked downstairs and ate something, then went to sleep.


Jumpy chapter
But this is going well ^-^

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