I'm Always Coming Back To You

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A few days later and you'll see Maya and I packing up for our trip to Texas together, well, it's mostly me packing while Maya lays on our bed, talking to her best friend on the phone.

She's sprawled out on the bed, her small limbs spread out everywhere and I'm at the end of the bed, filling our suitcases with clothes and items we need.

"No, I'm gonna miss you so much, Honey," Maya says to Riley, "I wish you and Farkle and Zay could come but Lucas said he needed some Maya time."

I laugh a bit. "Hey, you wanted some Huckleberry time too, gorgeous."

Maya giggles both to me and Riley, saying, "Yeah, I guess I did want some Huckleberry time too."

The smile on my face grows as I place a kiss on her tiny, soft little feet and I get to hear her giggle even more as she continues talking to Riley.

Eventually, I finish packing and Maya finishes talking on her phone. "Come here. I want your kisses."

"Oh I know you want my kisses," I smirk causing her to laugh as I crawl on top of her much smaller body, careful not to put too much weight on her, "You love my kisses."

She laughs at me, cupping my face in her small, soft hands. "I love your kisses so much, baby."

I press my lips to hers and she smiles into the kiss, wrapping her legs around my waist and bringing me closer to her. "We have to talk about something though."

Groaning, Maya just rolls her eyes and gently places her feet on my chest and pushes me back with a frown on her beautiful face. "But I'm horny, Ranger Rick."

"You're always horny, Maya," I laugh slightly at her, "But seriously, it's time that we actually talk about this and talk seriously."

"Wouldn't you much rather see me naked," Maya gives me that seductive little smirk of hers as she sits up on the edge of the bed in front of where I'm now standing, "And see me bouncing on top of you? Or watch me please you?"

I try to keep myself under control as Maya hooks her fingers in my blue plaid boxers and bites her lower lip. "Shortstack, seriously."

She sticks her tongue out and licks around the outline of my hardening member through the thin fabric of my boxers making my breath hitch in my chest. Maya knows how sexy she is and has always used it against me, ever since we started dating.

But I can't let her win this time. She's been avoiding this conversation for months and I need to talk to her about before we go to Texas. "It's ok, daddy. You know I'm just your sweet little girl."

At the sound of her seductive voice and the words that came out of her mouth, I could easily just explode in my pants but I can't let her distract me again.

"Maya, if you don't stop and talk to me," I swallow hard as she gazes up at me with her sparkling blue eyes, "I'm not going to get you tacos ever again."

"What the actual fuck, Sundance? That's just messed up. I thought ya wanted me to be happy," she frowns up at me, "Remember when ya looked right into my eyes and told me that you want me to happy, did ya lie?"

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