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Monday: May 20, 2016: 4:15 pm

The sun was out shining bright as it crept through the window and into the white room with massive windows. The clouds in the sky were slowly moving further and further away, no specific shape or form as they passed, but it was peaceful. Despite all the fast movement occurring it was like as if people knew that this day was different. 

The sound of a constant beep could be heard over the conversation happening. It was calm and subtle, not afraid in any way, not nervous either. The girl was peacefully laying down in the hospital bed feeling as her body began to shut down. Her cancer had come back, but what would ultimately kill her was all the medication and treatments that had damaging side effects. Her health had began to wither daily and had gotten worse. She was waiting for her body to finally give up; she could feel it approaching. The doctors had advised a new form of treatment that could help her live a bit longer, but the girl refused feeling too tired to keep fighting opting for another solution instead. 

Her luscious soft brown hair was braided and rested on the left side of her shoulder. Her skin was pale and her lips were barely staying alive by the help of the chap stick her mother had put on her. Her smoky green eyes started becoming darker and lifeless as time passed. The girls chest rose up and down as she extended her hand out towards her older sister who had refused to make any eye contact with her since she arrived. Her mother spoke up to gain her sister's attention.

"Alessandra...please...please look at your sister." Her mother said with a pleading tone. The hurt was evident by the tone of her voice. Her hand clutched the tissue she held.

Alessandra didn't want to look at her younger sister. She had cried bitterly last night and when she reached the hospital, her tears were all of a sudden gone. There were no more tears, the only thing she felt was pure pain.

"Alessandra." Her mother said a bit louder this time. Her voice was now laced with a nervousness and fear of what's going to happen in the next couple of minutes. With a broken heart and a lot of pain, Alessandra forced herself to turn around and look at her younger sister laying in bed; dying. Her heart felt like it was being pulled out slowly at the sight. The younger girl's lips curved up into a small smile. A smile that signaled her sister not to be scared. Her sister forced herself take a step closer, every step she took made her chest constrict even more, it made the pain she felt intensify. Her hand moved on its own and molded into her sisters hand.

"W-why...why won't you l-look at me." The girl asked trying to get her older sister to talk.

"Lauren!" Her old sister wailed out as she collapsed and hugged her. The tears finally spilled out. She cried and cried saying how much she didn't want her to go, how much she loved her, how much she needed her. Lauren hugged her sister. She remained peaceful. No tears. No quiet sobs. This is what she wanted. This was her only hope of ever living again, of having new dreams, accomplishing new things, exploring the world. 

"I love you guys." Lauren spoke. Her voice held some type of angelic tone to it as those were her last words spoken before her green eyes turned cloudy and her eyelids closed. Her breathing had stopped as the machine signaled her death. The wailing painful cries of her family burst in the room. The cries bounced off the walls. The doctors walked in the room and gave the family a sympathetic look.

"Mr and Mrs. Jones, we need to prepare her body now before anything else happens." One of the cryonics team member said.

"Oh god!" Lauren's mother cried out as she fell to her knees. Her husband helped her stand up, supporting her weight as his wife cried and clutched to his shirt. He wiped the tears from his eyes and looked at the cryonics member.

"Find her a cure." He said with a shaky voice but his eyes were bold and secure as he spoke the words.

"We must hurry and preserve her now. Please." The red haired man said pointing to the door. All three left the door, they all looked back one more time at their loved one then forced themselves to leave.


The next day there was nothing happening. The house was silent as everyone in the house sat somewhere far away from each other. None of them wanted to see each other, speak, or breathe the same air.

Alessandra sat down in her room staring at the door knowing that just outside was the door that lead to Lauren's room. Her eyes were puffy and red from the lack of sleep and all the crying. She gripped the bed sheets that were wrapped around her, trying to find some type of comfort and warmth that's been missing.

The same thoughts crossed her mind to the point that it drew her mad with rage. She rubbed her head trying to make the headache go away. She shook her head trying to make the thoughts disappear, but nothing worked.

"I'll always protect you." Alessandra spoke to her little sister who was only five years old.

"Really?" Lauren spoke as she looked up at her with wide eyes.

"Of course. I'll be there when you need me. I'll help you when you want. You can always count on me." She said hugging her sister as she kissed her head.

"You're the best!" Lauren cheered.

"I failed." Alessandra whispered to herself as her body began to shake. "I'm sorry!" She cried into the sheets releasing multiple yells that only she could hear and feel. A buzzing in her head began and it only grew louder as her wails grew.

It wasn't her fault, it was no ones fault, but that didn't stop Alessandra from feeling that she failed her sister. Alessandra did everything she could to help Lauren get better. She dropped school to help her parents pay for Lauren's treatments. She was always there for Lauren whenever she was hospitalized. Everything was done out of love for her sister. Every sacrifice was for Lauren in hope that her cancer would go away. The only thing that she could do was beg, pray, and hope for a treatment to be found. That they would be able to revive her and give her a second chance. Only time would tell what happens with Lauren and her body. Only time can tell when she'll wake up.


Hi guys it's me Sam! I'm excited for this story and I hope you're just as excited as me. I've read about this a few times and watched movies with this same concept so I decided to write a book about it.

Please vote and comment. Tell me what you think. Until next time. 💕

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