April's Apology

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April tries calling the boys. Leo, Mikey, Donnie, even Raph! But no one would answer to her calls. She gives up calling and texts Becky.

To: Rebecca

From: April

'Come on Becky! Please let me talk to him...'

To: April

From: Rebecca

'No! Stop trying to fix this! I've already tried!'

April turned off her T-Phone and threw it at the wall of her bed room in frustration. She sank into her chair by the window and started to cry. How could she do this to Donatello? Her best friend? But after what Becky told her tonight, she tried to think of him EVER being more than a friend. She still wore her sunshine yellow and flowing dress from her Spring Dance she had just left hours after Becky did. April let her red hair down from her ponytail and let it fall past her shoulders. She felt miserable. Ashamed. Scared. Sad. She has had enough of Becky telling her to stay away from her friends! She don't need to be a bitch about it! April gets up and unlocks the window to the fire escape as she hears her aunt's voice from the hallway.

"April? Sweety are you there? Casey called saying you left the dance early. Are you okay?"

April jumps out the window and starts jumping over rooftops and towards the nearest manhole, ripping her dress ends at some rocks and things on the rooftops. She jumps down one roof and comes upon a manhole in an alleyway. She lifts it up and heads down the ladder, not caring if the Foot Clan, The Krangg, or Karai follow her. All she wants is to see Donnie. She starts walking down the tunnels and comes across the lair's entrance. She opens the doors and the first turtle she sees is Leonardo with his face really close to the TV as he watches Space Heroes. He looks up and when he sees April, he stood up and walks up to her.

"April?" he questioned.

April sighed. "Hey, um...can I talk to Donnie?"

Leo's curious face turned a little more stern and serious. "Haven't you done enough?"

April's eyebrows shoot up. Leo has never been so rude before. She shook her head and tries to walk past him but he moved to get in her way.

"Move." she said with no emotion.

"I thought Becky told you to leave him alone?"

"She did but no one listens to her. Not even Splinter."

"Why are you so desperate, Ape? You wanna hear from Donatello right?"

"More than anything right now."

"Well, we'll give it to ya." Raph entered the room looking pissed. "He's been nothing but unhelpful and lazy. He hasn't come out of his lab since earlier today and well, it's ticking me off."

"He was on some suicidal thoughts during the day this morning." Leo shivered at the memory. "We had to keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't do anything stupid."

April gasped. "No...Donnie would NEVER try a stupid thing like that!"

Raph growled. "Get out, April. You can come back after he calms down."

"Wait," April snapped. "Let me talk to him. You don't want him to die, right?"

Leo and Raph exchange glances before nodding. April folds her arms.

"Then 'move'."

Just then, Mikey enters with tear stains on his cheeks. He looked so little and helpless that it broke April's heart just seeing him like that.


Leo turned at Mikey's voice.


Mikey sniffed. "Donnie...he...he YELLED at me! He...never yelled at me like this before! It was scary!"

Leo turned to April and shook his head. "April...please just go. Ill call you personally when we ALL calm down."

April could feel tears sting her eyes and stomps her foot, and leaves quickly.