**** Chapter 5 ****

 ‘Hey muchacho bonito dinner at mine tonight! Save me from Dre plsss ;) xx’ the text read, I smiled as I imagined Layla’s face pleading me to save her from her brother

‘Is that you asking me out Lays? If so I accept your offer no need to use your bro as an excuse lol! What times our dinner Date? ;) x’ I replied as I started to go through my clothes looking for something for tonight. I smiled to myself as heard my phone beep again

‘Lays? What have I said about u calling me that papi?! Hmmm lucky ur cute ;) but seriously stop calling me that ok, be at mine at 7 x’ she replied making me laugh out loud

‘Okay okay I’ll try not to call you Lays …You think I’m cute I’m blushing! Thanks pretty girl ;) see you at 7 x’ I quickly replied as I glanced at the bedside alarm clock that was flashing 6:36pm

I quickly had a shower and changed into a clean shirt, jeans and my new vans looking good I thought to myself as I looked in the mirror. Just as I was making my way to the door I heard a small knock, raising a brow I hesitantly opened the door

“We need to talk” Detective Ellis said as he walked past me with Detective Daniels following close behind him. I sat down and looked at them impatiently I hated silences! Was it my mum? Had something happened to her? Did they find her and kill her too? Questions swirled round my head making me feel slightly dizzy.

“Calm down ya mom is fine, you on the other hand are not!” Ellis spoke first, before Daniels coughed and continued for him

“Your new friends… Andre and Layla Rodriquez they are not good people they are in a very well known gang and you will not stay in contact with them any longer is that understood?” Daniels ordered his tone thick with authority.

I stared at the ununiformed men in front of me? Layla and Andre were in a gang? They must be wrong I would know I mean surely I would notice if someone was a gang member or something wouldn’t I? I thought to myself.

“Hellooo? Are you listening to what we’re telling you? Rodriquez family= Dangerous” Detective Ellis said in a patronising voice that only a parent would use on their child.

“I’m supposed to be going to have dinner with them tonight though; I live in the same block which means I’m going to be bumping into them all the time!” I started to panic as I said this out loud. My phone beeped “Hey Mr your late! Don’t make me come up there :P x” The text read from Layla

“See that’s her I’m supposed to be there now!” I whispered yelled as I through the mobile at the detectives sitting in front of me

I moved from the chair side and sat down on the settee with my elbows on my knees my heavy feeling head in my hands.

“You wasn’t supposed to go chasing girls in tha block while you was here kid! You was supposed to be finishing Uni and getting ready for ya dads trail! Now were gunna have ta find you a new location” The detective whisper yelled back to me

I let out a long shaky sigh as I shook my head at the predicament I had gotten myself in, I can’t believe I’ve came from London to the us only to get stuck in  the middle of a gang!

“I’ve texted her back said you’ll be about an hour something’s come up, and I agree with her don’t call her Lays”

“What?!” I asked shocked

“I saaaiiid...”

“I heard what you bloody said you moron! Why the fuck do you want me to go sit with them if they’re so dangerous? What if they find out that you guys are here? And stop going through my messages” I said as I quickly took my phone back.

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