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Pen Your Pride

Part 9

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*Thanks for reading guys :D I was thinking...shall I write another three stories, each one being the young blood chronicles but from each member's point of view? Let me know what you think of that idea and I hope you enjoy :)*

Once I had steadied myself on my knees I rose to my feet, pulling the bag off my head once I was stood. I looked around and there were only three people near me in the darkness. Andy, Joe and Pete. This didn't make any sense. Pete was putting out the fire and the others were stumbling to their feet. Where did our saviour go? I studied Pete's face as he fought the fire and it hurt. The anger and tears in his eyes made me forget what he had done. I just wanted to make his pain stop. Make all of their pain stop. They didn't deserve this. I did.

But my attention and thoughts were soon drawn from the boys as some sort of noise was coming from the hill that we were at the bottom of. I started to look in the direction of the sounds. Could it be our saviour coming back to collect us? Or worse still, they could have found out that we've escaped and want to kill us properly. After a while of the sound our eyes found a group of smaller, almost child like, people coming towards us over the hill. Each were riding a bike and a bag. The four of us looked round to each other exchanging confused looks and Pete was still out of breath. It was clear he had been hurt and fighting that fire took a lot of energy. It seemed like I wasn't the only one who didn't have a clue about what was going on though. But then who could in our situation?

I let my eyes drift back up the hill to see the people getting closer. The closer they got I could see that they weren't child like people, they were in fact children. Each with an expression of anger as they started to assemble in a line only a few metres in front of us. I looked along the line of children to see that every one of them had put on war paint. As I scanned over them my eye was caught by a familiar face. I tried to study it's details in the poor light of the night but it was hard. Then I suddenly remembered where I had seen him before. He was the child who I saw that day I got caught. He was the one who smiled at me. Now I know he must have been smiling because he knew what was coming. He was in on the kidnap of us.

As if he knew what I was thinking his eyes met mine and he smiled the same way he did that day. Guilt raced through me as I was cruelly reminded that this was my fault. Why didn't I get suspicious about this child? I knew there was something wrong. I moved my gaze across the rest of the children to see that they all started taking apart their bikes or getting things out of the bags. I looked closer to find that they weren't just getting out things. They were bearing weapons.

These were weapons of all kinds. Some were just a nail in a baseball bat where others were blades attached to bike handles. These kids were deadly. They were obviously with the girls who were doing this to us. Which clearly means they are something to do with them. Those who have our case. I looked back at the boys again to see a mixture of terror and confusion on their faces. I noticed that they were all looking in the same direction. I followed their eyes to find that the kid who I knew didn't seem to be holding any weapon. Then suddenly he pulled his arms from behind his back to reveal a big cassette player. What was he planning to do? Attack us with music?

Even though his choice of weapon seemed ridiculous I was still scared of him. He grinned again and said something which I didn't quite hear. It must have been an order as the children started to run at us. I turned to run only to find that the boys had already started running. Each one was running in a different direction to the other. I didn't know which way to go. So I just ran. I kept running. I couldn't let them get me again. I looked around hoping to see some of the guys but none were there. The only person I saw was the kid with the cassette player chasing me. I was alone. But I had to keep running. Just keep going. Stop, and I'll die.

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