I was downstairs when Hermione came down. It wasn't until she got closer that I realized she was wearing the same clothes she had worn during the war.

"Hermione, don't you have any clothes?" I asked her.

She looked at me and then looked away. I took her hand and walked upstairs to my mothers room. I opened her closet and stood to the side.

"Anything you like you can wear it. My mother has just about everything when it comes to clothes shoes make up and jewelry. Help yourself." I placed my hand on her shoulder before I walked from the room.

I figured I should take a quick shower and get dressed for dinner. It was hard accepting that life would now be quiet and we no longer had to worry about the dark lord. I went into my room and got into the shower and washed off before dressing into a blue shirt and slacks before I headed downstairs. The smell of food told me that Hermione was the kitchen cooking.

I walked into the kitchen and began helping her with the dinner, I finished up the the food while she moved to set up the table for two. Five minutes later we sat down to eat. Hermione was wearing one of my mothers dress and she looked magnificent in it.

"Thank you for letting me stay here." Hermione whispered.

"It's fine, as long as I know you are safe." I said rubbing her hand.

We finished eating and headed to the sitting room for some company. Harry decided to visit and to my shock he had Luna Lovegood at his side.

"Hello Draco, Hermione" she spoke in her tiny high pitched voice.

"Hey Luna, Harry" I smiled shaking their hands.

Harry and Hermione stared at one another for a long minute before she broke down crying and ran into his arms.

"I can't believe he is gone" she cried.

Luna moved to my side and we watched awkwardly as Harry and Hermione cried in each others arms.

"It's really sad, Ron being gone." Luna whispered.

I just nodded. I walked into the bar room and grabbed some firewhiskey and four goblets. I passed them out and filled them up. We all toasted that night to the loss of our friends, especially the loss of Ron.

"Ron" I spoke and they mimicked.

After tears were dried we began talking about futures and what were were going to do. None of us had finished our last year of Hogwarts and were thinking about returning when the school was rebuilt.

"If I return I am going to request getting changed from Slytherin to Hogwarts I refused to be Slytherin." I spoke.

"Who is going to be the Headmaster?" Luna asked.

"Professor Snape he is continuing" Harry replied.

"Yeah I saw you guys talking earlier in the Great Hall. What was that about?" I asked curiously.

We all turned in Harrys direction and I know they were as curious as I was.

"Severus showed me all his memories in the pensieve that night I gave myself to the Dark Lord. He and my mother were friends before Hogwarts and well to put it short he loved my mother and still does."

I was never expecting that, I didn't even know Severus could love he just seemed so cold hearted.

"I just know I am not returning to Hogwarts for my last year because I will be working." Harry added. "The Ministry of Magic gave me a job working as an auror."

Hermione's eyes went wide before she smiled.

"That is wonderful Harry."

"I know and the better part is that anyone I recommend has an automatic job in the Ministry." He paused for a moment. "I recommended you guys." he smiled.

"Thats very nice of you Harry. I think I might just take up that offer. Being an Auror sounds pretty neat."

"Well you have yourself a job."  He told me.

I leaned forward and shook his hand before pulling Hermione close to my side.  He seemed to gravitate towards Luna and a grin broke across my face.

"Whats the story with you two?" I asked him.

"Luna and I have been dating since our 5th year." Harry admitted.

"What!" Hermione exclaimed. "How come I never knew this?" she asked.

"I dont think many people knew, we aren't big on PDA." Luna blushed.

That was very clear because the two stood beside each other but had atleast 2 feet of space between them.

"Well congradulations of your 2 years of being together." I congradulated.

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