Elizabeth Potter Harry's Younger sister

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                                         well i started writing this because i got bored and i had an idea and i wrote it down and changed some stuuff abd this happened! haha well  I DON NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS BESIDES ELIZABETH! EVERYONE ELSE IS OWNED BY J.K. ROWLING!!!  well i hope you guys like this story i worked hard on it  ENJOY !!     

 Well hello there i am Elizabeth Potter ! Call me Lizzy . I have an older brother named Harry Potter but i have never meet him because i live with the Malfoys and this is the first year i am going to Hogwarts. I just turned 13 today  one year younger than my boyfriend Draco Malfoy, Draco's Parents are letting me start Hogwarts this  year because over the summer was when Draco and i started dating. They didnt want to separate us for a year. Draco's parents love me because im like a daughter to them because i have been living here since i was 5 months because that was when my parents were killed. Also Draco's mother Narcissa loves me living in her house because she has a girl to go shopping with and talk about girl things with :).Today we are going to Diagon alley to get out school applies.

  "Lizzy ! Time to go " said Draco standing in my door way

"OKay hold on " i relpied while putting on my other shoe. I walked over to Draco and closed my door and started walking down the hall but draco grabbed my wrist and pulled me back .

"Draco what are you doing "

"This" h said while tilting my chin in the air and kissing me. he pulled away 20 seconds later

"What was that for ?''

" A birthday kiss. Happy Birthday Lizzy !! " Said draco Smiling down at me . Oh yeah Im 5 2'  so i am 5 inches shorter than draco .

"Thanks Draco!!"

"No problem sweetheart" i grabbed dracos hand and walked down the stairs hand in hand .

"Happy Birthday Master's  girlfriend Lizzy " said the Malfoys new house elf Stinger.

"Thanks Sting...."

"Hey sting could you go get our sweaters from the living room?" said draco

" Anything for Master Malfoy" and wit that he disappered and came back with our sweaters .

" Here you go Master Malfoy . and Master and Mistress Malfoy are waiting by the fireplace by the  Basement door for you guys "

"Thanks sting" we replied together and walked to the firplace. If you are wondering why we are walking to the firplace is because of fllo powder it a thing to travel in the wizarding world. We got to the leaky cauldron We started walking to Gringotts The wizarding bank runned by goblins!. OMG i didnt tell you what i look like..i have Brwon hair that goes to my shoulders and i have my moms green eyes I wear contacts because draco said i looked soo much better with my glasses off so when We went on vacation in America Lucius bought me contacts.

Draco and I walked around diagon alley Buyig our School applies while lucius and narcissa went to buy Firebolts for both of us.I just  Bought a brown owl . I anmed it brownie !

          "Lizzy see those 3 kids walking toward us the one with glasses is your  brother. The bushy haired girl is hermione Granger. The red head is Ron weasley ."

 i looked to see where he was pointing and saw them stop right in front of us .

     " Well Well Malfoy Whos this pretty girl ? I never seen her before "

" Well Weasley this is my beautiful girlfriend Lizzy" Replied draco i blushed when he said beautiful.

"Lizzy? Whats you last name ?" said hermione

           I looked up at draco and he nodded "My last Name is  Potter Hermione '' They all opened the mouths to shocked to say anything

"E-E-Elizabeth? " Said harry . I nodded he continued" How my anut said you died when our  parents died"

   " i could prove it if you guys dont believe me ." they all nodded. I pulled up my  left sleeve on my sweater and showed the lightning bold scar i have on my wrist exactlly like the one on harry's forhead

  " Come on Draco your father will be wondering where we are" we both turned around when Ron grabbed my wrist.

 "Wait Elizabeth-"   


"Like you will do anything ELIZABETH-"  continued ron

I kneed him in the nuts. Ron fell to the ground groaning in pain

" WHY DID YOU DO THE LIZZY!" screamed harry

"Well i told him if he called me elizabeth again he will regret it . he didnt listen soo he derserved he next time he should take my warning! Come on draco lets go your father will be worried

 We started walking back to the Leaky Cauldron where his parents told us to meet them when we were done shopping.

" Wow lizzy that was amazing! Now i will be really surprised if you dont get into slytherin''

" I will kill someone if i am not in slytherin it will be soo boring not being with you !"  

 "Yeah it would" replied draco kissing my head and we continued walking .

and i am currently writing chapter 2 on paper then proof read it then post it and i think it is going to be long but i know  its going to be good but i hope you guys think soo ! Please



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