Elizabeth Potter Harry's Younger sister

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                                         well i started writing this because i got bored and i had an idea and i wrote it down and changed some stuuff abd this happened! haha well  I DON NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS BESIDES ELIZABETH! EVERYONE ELSE IS OWNED BY J.K. ROWLING!!!  well i hope you guys like this story i worked hard on it  ENJOY !!     

 Well hello there i am Elizabeth Potter ! Call me Lizzy . I have an older brother named Harry Potter but i have never meet him because i live with the Malfoys and this is the first year i am going to Hogwarts. I just turned 13 today  one year younger than my boyfriend Draco Malfoy, Draco's Parents are letting me start Hogwarts this  year because over the summer was when Draco and i started dating. They didnt want to separate us for a year. Draco's parents love me because im like a daughter to them because i have been living here since i was 5 months because that was when my parents were killed. Also Draco's mother Narcissa loves me living in her house because she has a girl to go shopping with and talk about girl things with :).Today we are going to Diagon alley to get out school applies.

  "Lizzy ! Time to go " said Draco standing in my door way

"OKay hold on " i relpied while putting on my other shoe. I walked over to Draco and closed my door and started walking down the hall but draco grabbed my wrist and pulled me back .

"Draco what are you doing "

"This" h said while tilting my chin in the air and kissing me. he pulled away 20 seconds later

"What was that for ?''

" A birthday kiss. Happy Birthday Lizzy !! " Said draco Smiling down at me . Oh yeah Im 5 2'  so i am 5 inches shorter than draco .

"Thanks Draco!!"

"No problem sweetheart" i grabbed dracos hand and walked down the stairs hand in hand .

"Happy Birthday Master's  girlfriend Lizzy " said the Malfoys new house elf Stinger.

"Thanks Sting...."

"Hey sting could you go get our sweaters from the living room?" said draco

" Anything for Master Malfoy" and wit that he disappered and came back with our sweaters .

" Here you go Master Malfoy . and Master and Mistress Malfoy are waiting by the fireplace by the  Basement door for you guys "

"Thanks sting" we replied together and walked to the firplace. If you are wondering why we are walking to the firplace is because of fllo powder it a thing to travel in the wizarding world. We got to the leaky cauldron We started walking to Gringotts The wizarding bank runned by goblins!. OMG i didnt tell you what i look like..i have Brwon hair that goes to my shoulders and i have my moms green eyes I wear contacts because draco said i looked soo much better with my glasses off so when We went on vacation in America Lucius bought me contacts.

Draco and I walked around diagon alley Buyig our School applies while lucius and narcissa went to buy Firebolts for both of us.I just  Bought a brown owl . I anmed it brownie !

          "Lizzy see those 3 kids walking toward us the one with glasses is your  brother. The bushy haired girl is hermione Granger. The red head is Ron weasley ."

 i looked to see where he was pointing and saw them stop right in front of us .

     " Well Well Malfoy Whos this pretty girl ? I never seen her before "