Chapter 1- Horrible

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Chapter 1- Horrible

"Hi, I'm looking for Coral Stewart." A woman's voice says from one side of the phone line.

"Speaking." I reply, tiredly, sitting up in bed and glancing at the clock that says it is seven o'clock in the morning. 

"You have been hired to work full time at St. Martin's high school. You will be required to be here in an hour and you will start teaching right away." the professional sounding woman says.

I let out a squeal of happiness, "Really?" I ask, unbelievingly.

"Yes, but are you sure you want to teach these boys? They are pests and they're harder to teach than normal because of their stubbornness. This will be a tough task, Miss Stewart." The lady warns.

"I'm sure, definitely sure." I state with a huge smile. Working at one of the most prestigious boys schools in the world will definitely get me some good job experience.

I'm only seventeen but my grade got pushed up enough for me to get of of high school faster and I got straight A's for finals, now I need to go straight into getting a job because I don't want to waste my time in university and I can get a job when I'm eighteen anywhere but for now I will just take this teaching job.

I'm hoping these boys aren't as bad as I've been warned, maybe they're just trying to scare me or something.

"Thank you, I will see you at eight o'clock. Good day." she says and ends the call.

"Mom! Guess what? I got the job!" I scream to my mom. Her bedroom is right next door to mine and she usually wakes up early so she should be up by now.

"Shut up, I'm trying to sleep!" my brother, Max, shouts from his room.

My mom runs into my room with a huge smile and jumps on top of me, hugging me, "Well done, sweetheart." she squeals and I groan.

"Mom, you can't just jump on people." I say.

She gets off me and chuckles, "Why not?" she asks, frowning and pretending to be curious.

I chuckle and get out of bed and she hugs me again, "I'm so proud of you my baby." she coos and kisses my cheek.

"I'm going to shower." I tell her and she nods and leaves and I shut the door behind her, getting ready for my first day of work.

Please don't be horrible. Please don't be horrible. Please don't be horrible.


"Boys, this is your new History teacher, Miss Stewart. Treat her nicely and behave." The principal of the school, Mrs. Maxis, says, introducing me to the small class.

"Hi Miss Stewart." A boy with light brown hair and bright green eyes greets, smiling at me.

Another boy with black hair and tattoos chuckles, "We'll treat her nicely, alright." he states and gives me a once over.

I pull down my black skirt a bit, feeling self conscious.

A blond guy nudges the dark haired boy, "Can't promise you that Ash will behave though." he says and chuckles.

"Oh and Ashton has detention after school today, will he be able to stay in your class for an hour?" Mrs. Maxis asks me and I nod, smiling.

"Why are you being such a bitch, Mrs Max sized? All I did was burn test papers." the boy, who I am assuming is Ashton, asks.

"Make that two hours, Mr. Bonnester." The principal says and walks out and I internally groan.

Is this my punishment too?

"So, class, we are going to start with the great depression." I say and all the boys groan.

"I think the second great depression is about to start in this classroom." The dark haired boy, Ashton, says with a sigh.

"But first, I need to learn your names, tell me your names." I say and turn to the boy at the back of the class who hasn't said anything, "What's your name? Tell me about you." I ask.

He leans forward in his desk, clasping his hands together in front of him, "I'm Jason Turner. I don't like people and I definitely don't like you. Don't ask me questions in class and don't expect me to do my homework because I don't give a shit about the shithole." he says.

"He's a sweetheart." The brown haired boy says, smiling.

"And you are?" I ask the same boy.

"Cole Daniels. I don't really know what to say about me so can I say pass?" he asks and I nod with a shrug. Cole has really pretty eyes and he looks tall, even though he is sitting down.

"You are...?" I ask the blond guy.

"I'm Edward Jones, just call me Ed." he says, he has an accent, definitely British, "I'm from London but my mom moved here to teach at this school so," he shrugs. You can see he is really rich, even the way he dresses, he looks really fancy.

I nod and turn around, writing 'The Great Depression' on the board.

"Aren't you going to ask who I am?" Ashton asks, leaning his head on his palm and tilting his head slightly, batting his eyelashes at me.

"Okay, who are you?" I ask.

"My name is Ronald McDonald, I like fries." he says and smiles innocently at me.

I sigh and roll my eyes, turning back to the board, "So does anyone know what the great depression is?" I ask.

I didn't really plan anything to teach these boys because I didn't think I would get the job but I guess the great depression will suffice for now.

"And it begins..." Ashton groans.


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