The war was finally over, Voldemort was dead. The girl I loved stood beside me and I felt like the luckiest man alive. We walked around the castle and talked to people here and there and slowly the families left. Hermione and I sat there and watched as parents of the students at hogwarts appeared.  Several parents were in tears as they got the news that their child has died in the war. Hermione was once again crying in my arms as she just found out that Bill Weasley had also died.

My eyes scanned the room and found to my surprise Harry and Severus talking. I was curious to what they were talking about, but a few times I could have sworn I saw a smile trying to find its way on Severus face. That stuck me odd since I began to believe that Severus was unable to smile

It was getting late and I hadn't had a decent sleep in the longest time. I thought it was time to escort Hermione home and then return to mine as well. I stood to my feet and help her up before I brought her into a hug.

"I should get you home, your parents would love to see you." I told Hermione.

She looked at me before tears filled her eyes. Immeadiately I brought her into my arms in a embrace.

"Whats wrong?" I asked her.

"My parents..."

"They're dead?!"

I really hope they weren't dead. That brought back the memory of my  parents, they were dead.

"No they aren't dead, I just wiped their memories. They don't know they have a daughter. I have no home."

"Why did you wipe their memories?" I asked.

"I didnt know how the hunt for horcruxes was going to end. I wanted to make sure that if anything happened Voldemort didn't have anything on them. They think its their lifes ambition to travel the world."

Hermione had sacraficed so much for Harry. She was the greatest friend any person could have and I was honored to have her heart. But then I began thinking, if she had no family and no home then she had no where to go.

"You can er, stay at my place. I have a ton of space you can have one of the spare bedrooms." I offered.

"I can't, Draco that is sweet of yo but I can't accept that."

"I insist, you have no where to go and I have more room than I need. Please Hermione." I took her hands into mine. "Please."

If I had to beg I was prepared to do so. I wasn't about to go and let her roam the streets.

"You have no where to go"

"I have friends, I am sure that I can stay with one of them."

"Ron's family is in mourning"

"Well there is Harry"

I had to give her that one, but then again Harry spent the last 11 years fighting against the Dark Lord.

"How about you come stay the night at my house and then you can decide where you want to go."

She looked at me for a few moments before she nodded her head.

"Okay, yeah fine. One night."

I took her arm in mine and escorted her outside the boundries of the school. Bringing her into a hug I turned on the spot and disappeared. Hermione turned to face the massive house before she shivered. I knew that she was remembering the last time she was here.

"Lets get you inside." I whispered.

We walked quickly inside and went upstairs to the third floor. I began giving her a mini tour. 

"The five open rooms are here, my room is there at the end of the hall. Each room has their own bathroom and there is a library back on second floor. Uhm if you need anything at all just let me know."

"I think I am going to go take a shower." She turned towards the room beside her and walked in. "Thank you Draco" she murmered before closing the bedroom door.

I walked downstairs to the vault where we kept all our valuables. Gingotts is where we only kept our gold. I looked around the room and smiled as I saw a few of the family heirlooms. I spotted a book and walked forward to pick it up. It was my mother and fathers album of pictures. I saw them together in their youth and as children. It seemed like they grew up together and eventually fell in love. Though I personally think the marrage was arranged. I saw how my mother and father were towards one another. They never showed any affection towards one another and they slept in seperate beds for as long as I could remember. The only person my mother cared about was me, I wish she was still alive I miss her so much.

I turned the page and saw another picture of her as a little baby that brought a smile to my face. My thoughts then raced towards the future and I imagined myself holding a baby girl that looked exactly like myself. Suddenly the little girl in my mind changed from looking like me to looking like Hermione.

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