Chapter 40

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Your P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of the doorbell ringing. I checked the clock. 1.30 am. I woke up Sherlock. Who could that be? I walked downstairs with a baseball bat that Chris had. Sherlock followed groggily behind me. I opened the door about to hit the person with a baseball bat until I realised who it was. "Oh my god Kyle?", I asked. He nodded and embraced me. I helped him over to the couch. "Hows your leg now?" I asked as I sat him down. "Alright but I havent had a relationship since we got engaged", he replied laughing. "Well, you should really get back out there.", I said. Sherlock stood watching us from behind the couch and then came and stood beside me. "Woah, Y/N. Is that the pompous jerk that cheated on you? What the hell is he doing in your house!?", he shouted. "Ky, its fine. Everything's better now. I forgave him", i smiled. "Y/N, why? You could do a lot better than him!", he said. "Yeah, hate to interrupt this but I AM right behind you.", Sherlock stated annoyed. I drew him a look. "I dont like him but its your life Y/N, your entitled to muck it up anyway you want to.", he said. "Im going to go, Sawyer will wonder where I am", he said. "I hope to see you soon Y/N. You ,Mr Holmes? Not so much", he scowled and walked out the door. I locked it and dragged Sherlock up to bed. We were both shattered so we fell asleep right away again.

Sorry for the really short chapter. I will update really quickly after this but i really wanted to give you an insight into your past. You have had three serious boyfriends. Sam Williams: You guys broke up because, you werent happy with him flirting with every other girl he sees walking down the road. Kyle Nelson: He felt really insecure and didnt want to drag you down with him. You guys were together 6 years. After 3 years, you got engaged but broke it off 3 years later. You still kept in contact because you cared for each other. Sherlock Holmes: The complete love of your life and always will be. The father of your children and the apple of your eye. Your curly haired detective who will always be there for you. You guys are engaged, having children and are to be married soon.

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