Chapter Thirty Four

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Chapter Thirty Four

Violet's P.O.V.

One Month Later

I wake up to the sweet scent of bacon. When I opened my eyes, I saw Damon come in with a tray of bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, and a glass of orange juice. I smiled and walked into the bathroom brushing my teeth and hair. When I came back, Damon was standing next to the bed, and I got in it. He handed me the tray and kissed my forehead.

"Happy birthday kitten," he said sweetly. Damon had become my best friend over the last month. I continued to eat my breakfast and Damon smiled.

"What?" I asked.

"I've just never seen anyone eat as much as you," he said. I rolled my eyes.

"I love food," I responded simply. Once I was done, Damon took my plate and I flopped back on my bed. The door opened and I looked up expecting Damon. My mom was standing in the doorway and I jumped up running to hug her. She hugged back and smiled widely.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"You didn't think that I would actually miss my precious daughter's birthday did you?" she asked and I nodded sheepishly. She rolled her eyes and Damon entered the room just then. She looked at him up and down.

"Now who might this be?" she asked like she was suspicious of something.

"Don't worry mom, this is Damon. He is my best friend," I said. She nodded and he winced slightly.

"When are we doing presents?" Damon asked and I laughed.

"Now is fine," I answered. I sat down on my bed and Damon sat on the couch. Ever since Amy moved out, it had felt a lot roomier in the dorm. Damon pushed forward the gift bag that he brought and my mom pulled out an envelope. I smiled.

"Thanks guys," I said and they both smiled. I opened the bag to find an anime wall scroll and tons of plushies, pins, and pocky. I smiled and jumped into Damon's lap hugging him.

"Thank you Thank you Thank you," I said. He smiled and I realized how close we were. I blushed and he smirked.

I walked back to my bed and opened the envelope. In it was a plane ticket to London, along with the time, location, and address of Ace's book signing. I was ecstatic, and mom could tell. She hugged me and handed me another piece of paper. It had Ace's home address and cell phone number which I already knew by heart along with Damon's and mom's.

I looked at the time of the plane take off and it was soon. I looked up at mom and then Damon.

"I can't leave you guys here alone," I said.

"Please, I want to get to know Damon. Make sure that he is good enough for you," she said. I sighed and left the room going to the elevator and then my car. Once I had gotten to the airport, I had an hour till the plane took off, so I went through security and boarded the plane with twenty minutes to spare.

The plane ride was long and I was seated next to a screaming child, so that was fun, but once I got off the plane, everything was worth it. It was beautiful even at the airport. I walked to the street and hailed a taxi. In London I believed that the name was hackney, but I wasn't entirely sure.

The lady drove me to Ace's home address seeing as I had missed the book signing by half an hour. When I got there, I realized that it was a small condo. I walked up the beautiful path and up to the door. I knocked not knowing if the doorbell worked and realized that I had the biggest smile plastered on my face the whole time.

The door opened I looked up meeting eyes of someone I never knew.

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