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"So your parents just think she's your girlfriend?" Bobby questioned and Hanbin nodded for what felt like the hundredth time that night.

He sat on the couch, while Tinashe was resting peacefully in Bobby's room.

Bobby lit another cigarette and leaned forward. "Hold on, hold on, hold on... How old do they think she is? Because I'll need that too. And her ethnicity. What is she?"

Hanbin shook his head and leaned back on the soft fabric that covered Bobby's fitting couch.

Despite Bobby's 'junkie' attitude, he had incredibly nice taste and good manners when he could be bothered.

So much so that one day, Bobby got a knock on his door and when he opened it, the man thought that there was no way a boy who dresses like he's homeless could have such a beautiful home and the police arrived later on that evening to Bobby's apartment, asking him for proof he didn't break into the house.

And of course, being the overly confident guy he is, Bobby took it as a compliment.

"Just make her twenty, 'bout to be twenty one... I don't know anything about her honestly. They got all her documents. They know about her staying with me," Hanbin groaned and put his face in his palms, hoping with enough force, he could suffocate and die.

"Who the fuck is 'they'?" Bobby said, putting air quotes around the word.

Who was they?

It could be anyone from her parents to her brother maybe, the parent's guards to hitmen.

"Honestly?" Hanbin asked. "Anybody."


Hanbin threw his head back over the seat of the couch and cried out loud, startling Bobby, who was talking to the guy about details.

They decided they were going to make her ethnicity and nationality African-American since she told Hanbin's parents she'd lived in America since she was a baby and she had the accent so what could go wrong?

"Damn," Bobby covered the receiver he was talking into look to the distressed human being. "What's with you?"

Hanbin groaned again and laid down on the couch face first. "I'm a good person, why do bad things happen to me?"

"There are wars and people dying, Hanbin, shut the fuck up," Bobby rolled his eyes. He went back to talking on the phone and mumbled a positive reply. "We need to give him a picture of her."

Hanbin slid his hand into his pocket, which was difficult because of his position. "Here, she took a stupid amount of selfies on it tonight," he lifted his phone up and Bobby swooped down to retrieve it.

"She's cute, man. If you're not smashing, I'm gonna take over," Bobby said flicking through them, smirking at Hanbin's glare. "But seriously, we need a standard one without her sticking out her tongue or the middle finger."

"Oh, like a proper passport one?"

"Yeah, you're going to have to take her to a photo booth later today then," Hanbin said, becoming attentive to the voice on the other end. "Can you get everything ready before then, Jinwhan? Cool, thanks, man."

Hanbin sat up and grabbed the lighter that Bobby had used that was thrown onto the coffee table across from him. He put a cigarette in his mouth and set it alight, taking a few breaths before he heard a voice.

"Hanbin? Where are we?" Tinashe stood in the entrance to the hallway and rubbed her eyes.

Hanbin's gaze rose slowly to the girl with puffy eyes and a red tinted nose. "Tinashe, come here," he patted the seat beside him.

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