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"So what are we?" I say softly into Zayn's neck.

He stares at me eyes softening "anything you want us to " he smiles.

"I want to be yours" I giggle play with his hair.

"Is that what you want"he mutters.


"Then your mine" he says kissing me passionately.


I wake up groaning to myself, I know its the weekend but I can't sleep in I hate doing.

I sit up smiling softly at a sleeping Zayn cuddled up in my blankets. I so badly want to take a picture so I do.

I pull the Polaroid out and shake it glancing at the perfect picture.

"I see you've taken my advice babe" I hear Zayn mutter in his morning voice.

And God was it sexy " yeah I did " I giggle " You look so hot" I say before I lean in pecking his lips.

"How am I this lucky" he pouts " I have absolutely no idea how I went from dreaming of meeting you to kissing you " I smirk.

He smiles "it took two months and 3 weeks one day and 16 hours for me to actually get you in bed" he laughs.

"But is it wrong that we fucked " I joke " defiantly not, fast but I like you to much to regret it" he says tucking some of my hair behind my ear.

"So very beautiful" he whispers.


"Woah, woah I don't quite understand he came to your house which one is creepy as shit he knows were you live. And the fact that you guys had sex" Kendall says putting her groceries away.

"What I like him a lot, plus I gave him my address " I pout "can't you just be happy for me".

"I can because if I wasn't I'd be a hypocrite considering your always so supportive of me and Harry" she smiles genuinely.

I smile back " by the way, you need to drop his ass he always send mix messages" I giggle.

"True considering we broke up three years ago and he magically decides he wants me back and then doesn't call" she says sitting by me on the bar stools.

We look at each other and quickly burst into laughter " Zoey's got herself a boyfriend " Kendall shouts.

"Yup and his names Zayn Malik and he's hot as fuck" I chime.

I walk over to the fridge and grab a sparkling water "why do you always steal my drinks" Kendall jokingly.

"Because I would die if I didn't " I smile " that's true" she says sipping her tea.


I slowly creep up behind a working Zayn typing quickly. "Hey boyfriend" I say wrapping my arm around his waist.

"Hey girlfriend " he said turning and smiling brightly.

"So..." Zayn starts.

"Yeah " I mutter quitly.

"I've come up with away for us to annouce are relationship" he chirped up.

"Really?" I mutter "yup"

"We could post a cute photo on Instagram and caption something clever" he smiles.

"I'd like that" I say pecking his lips " I just want people to know your mine" he says sweetly.

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