Hidden Secrets

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*Hunter's POV*

           I placed Emma on the floor, and grabbed her hand. I check on Ethan in his room, and found him playing with his new train set. I smiled and walked downstairs with Emma.

             "Logan? What are you talking about. Leave" Amber's voice laced with anger. "I came to get Ethan. I am the father. I have a right to see him" Logan's voiced echoed in the house.

         I let Emma walk around, and walked up to them. "I'm sure your son doesn't want to see you. After all, you rapped his mom twice" I spoke threw my teeth. "I wanna see my son. Or I will go to court and get full custody" he glared his eyes at both of us.

           "Fine. This will be the first and last time you see my son. You will stay away from him" Amber threatened. "Like I said. I have a right to see him anytime I want" He smirked. My fist balled and felt my jaw clench.

            "Your lucky we let him see you once! Your ass should be rotting in jail" I shot. Logan chuckled at my sentences. "Please. Shut your mouth. Your not even the father, and I shouldn't be the one rotting in jail. You should. I heard what you and Jenny did" he evilly smiled.

            I stepped back at his response. He knows. "What did you do to Jenny?" The spotlight on me. "Nothing to worry about" I glared at Logan. "We will talk about this later. Logan. My son's upstairs. You have 30 minutes" She rolled her eyes and shooed him off.

           Once he was up the stairs, questions flared in my direction. "What the hell happened with Jenny?!"

           "I never told you this because he's right. I could have gone to jail. It was back when we were on tour. It was when I though you cheated on my with Brandon....and...I went to a bar. And Jenny was there. She gave me a drink which, made me completely crazy and drunk. We were heading toward the hotel when a guy attack us. I freaked out, and next thing you know. The guy was dead"

           I looked down at my shaking legs. Then back up at Amber. She opened her mouth, then closed it, having no words.

          "Ambe-" She walked out of the kitchen, grabbing the car keys. She ran outside, leaving me alone.

           Who else didn't expect that?😱But I saw some people comment that the person was Logan coming for Ethan. CORRECT😅Sorry for a short first chapter, I'm sooo tried and my stomach hurts😕Vote 4 a new chapterrrr🤘🏻

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