Privacy of 210: Harmless Mischief

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Chapter 2

Harmless Mischief

This was how it’s going to go down apparently.

Stuck to the right side of the room, I glared with my arms folded towards my brunette roomate. The woman herself was seated on the left side of the room, picking at her nails and occasionally her bed sheets. With half of her things already made home in the closet, bathroom and floor, it seemed like the only person who hadn’t made progress yet was me.

Couldn’t really blame me, if I did say so myself. She was a distraction. Creepy I knew, especially when I was the one taking notice of her instead of her taking notice of me.

Ouch. I think a heartstring of mine stretched.

Suddenly her head snapped my way and her eyes narrowed. “Could you stop it?”

“Stop what?” I asked immediately, sort of caught off guard.

She mimicked my arms while holding her expression. “Staring. It’s rude.”

I shrugged, not really caring what she felt. “It’s a free country.”

“Yeah, I heard that one before.” She rolled her eyes. “But really, cut it out. You have bags to unpack and lunch isn’t going to wait for you.”

I wanted to ask her how she was fine with all this, with me, sharing the same air and floor. Aubrey’s someone who wouldn't bite into anything unless there’s a benefit for her. Her emotions have been closed off ever since our high school graduation, and whenever I heared from her, negative comments followed.

Jenny had once told me she didn’t leave her bedroom for two weeks after the ceremony, and only came out for her sister.

Jesus, her sister.

Guilt suddenly started eating away in my gut before crawling down to my right foot where Ashleigh was embarked on my skin. It didn’t help spelling your ex’s name wrong was forever permanent, but it did remind you to ask yourself constantly what the hell was I thinking?

At that time, I wasn’t thinking.

Her abrupt movement awoken my mind, and I was once again watching her as she pulled her shoes back on her feet. It was only when she headed towards the door did I realize she was leaving.

She’s always leaving.

I kept my mouth shut and eyes focused as the door juggled opened, welcoming a breeze that wrapped itself inside the space before the quick jerk of the door sliced it.

Great job idiot! Not only does she hate you, but thinks you’re a complete weirdo.

Maybe a shower would do me good.

Kicking off my shoes and socks and leaving them beside the bed, I collected my clothes, towel and shower necessities before heading towards the closed door, meters away from Aubrey’s side of the room.

Only when I opened the door I didn’t expect it to be filled with so

“She’s destroyed the bathroom…”

The bathroom, the one place I would call home, was covered in pink! The toilet seat cover had a frilly pink fabric on top of the lid, and a pink tissue box tucked behind the flushing panels. Her pink towel was draped over the shower and what looked like a box sat on the left corner of the sink where her pink toothbrush was.

Oh my jingles; I’m scared to even look through the drawers!

Deciding to go with it, I arranged to just have the stupid shower.

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