*heartless girl with tinted heart * ( completed)

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i am a girl without fear 

a girl with no emotions

a girl with a tinted heart 

a girl who doesnt know how to love and doesnt know how to care to anyone 

a girl who fights bravely to anyone 

and by the way my name is sofia jade goshiangco - half japanese half filipino ...

my parents left me when i was two yrs old binigay nila acu kay lola at lolo 

at asa pilipinas acu .....sila sa japan .. fourteen na ako ngyun .... :( 

the reason i become like this was becuz  of them dahil they never loved me 

attention lang at pagmamahal  ang gusto ko pero wala eh ... business parati ang priority nilang both 

sabi ni lola para sakin din daw lahat nang ginagawa nila mommy 

kung para sakin nga yun wala akong pakialam dun .. they left me tapos ngyun na uuwi sila sa pilipinas .. business ulit ..

\\\ ///////\\\\

i hate this fu*king life of mine '

parati na lang akong humihingi nang pagmamahal sa mga taong ayaw akong mahalin////


the story was about a girl who beacome heartless 

in everything 

haha i know it sounds weird 

but plz bare with me na lang poh 

she fight like a ganster 

she cuss like theres no tommorow 

ahe in short she want to die  young ( kidding haha )

she fight with bitchess, bastard , and of course savi na ngang sa lahat diba haha ;) 

by the way its my second story poh ...........

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