Chapter 15

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Wendy disappeared with someone, Suga quickly found where they were but he was holding Wendy against a cliff.

"I'm going to kill this girl so say your last words"

"If you drop her, I'll kill you."

Wendy thought of a plan, she had her keys in her pocket and tried her best to make the chain part pointy. Since he was holding his arm around he neck she could move her hands without him knowing.

When it was sharp and big enough she quickly took his arm of her and stabs him in while pushing him down.

They both thought he fell off but he somehow pulled Wendy along with him.

"You think your smart? If I fall your falling with me!"

Wendy couldn't speak she was too scared.

She was just about to let herself die but Suga fell also, no he jumped on purpose.

He used his super speed to jump against the cliff and trees and caught Wendy just when she was about to hit the floor.

The vampire fell and hit the floor, but since he was a vampire he wasn't dead, so Suga stabbed him.

Wendy's POV
I'm crying a lot right now, I wasn't crying before because I wanted to stay strong but I can't keep it in anymore.

I'm in Suga's arm, his body's cold but he feels warm to me.

"Wendy are you okay?"

"Ye-yea I'm just scared."

"It's okay, I'm here"

"How did you all move so fast, and get to me so fast without getting hurt."

They all moved so fast and when we fell the didn't get hurt this is confusing.

"I'll explain later, c'mon we have to get going."

Narrator's POV
Suga was planning on telling Wendy but he was afraid that she would freak out. He didn't know what to do, he didn't wanna see her hurt.

He planned to tell her when summer comes (1 month).


At school Taehyung wasn't there anymore even though Suga doesn't know he didn't truly kill him.

He was waiting for the perfect timing.

Wendy was fine again but still curious. She decided to forget about it.

Now that they were fine again they started hanging out more.

Suga stopped receiving the messages, they were closer to each other. They both were more happy.

"Suga let's do something tomorrow, I don't have work so it's fine." 

"No" he was trying to be hard.

"Pleaseeeee" Wendy says trying to do aegyo but then smacks herself.

Suga still thought it was cute and couldn't handle how cute she was.

"Alright but where?"

"You'll see" she says while smirking.

Gosh she was so hot when she smirks he thought to himself.

They both had feelings for each other but they didn't have the courage to ask. Wendy didn't know if he liked her so she didn't do anything. Suga was afraid, he didn't want to date her because he was a vampire.

So they stayed as "friends".


Wendy was getting ready she took a shower already. Now all she had to do was pick an outfit. She chose a black and white striped crop top with blue denim shorts.

By them time she was done Suga arrived at her door

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By them time she was done Suga arrived at her door.

They both were walking and when they were almost there she covered his eyes while walking.

"Where are we going Wendy."

"Just wait we're almost there"

"Okay you can open your eyes in 3, 2, 1"

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