Back At It Again

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" @kathlean0295 asked: Bill, I'm gonna give you your first dare. Ask pine tree about Billdip. And also, is there a like one for you and shooting star? "

Bill: a dare huh?

Bill: well isn't that great!

Bill: now to find Pine Tree!

Bill: see you all in a bit! *snaps fingers*

And at that moment, Bill teleported next to Dipper. And to Bill surprise, Dipper is taking a shower and singing "Disco Girl"

"Disco Girl! Coming through! That girl is yoouuu~~!" Dipper sang.

"Why thank you, Pine Tree! I'm not actually a girl" Bill said with a smirk.

Dipper screamed his girly scream and covered himself with a towel.
"Get out! Get out! Get out!!!" Dipper screamed blushing a bit.

"Well Pine Tree, I can't leave. I gotta ask you something!"

"Not right now, Bill!! This is an inappropriate time to ask me a question!!"

"No it isn't. Beside, the question is quick." Bill shrugged.

"Bill get out right now!" Dippy not fresh glared

"Alright alright." Bill groaned a bit and snapped his fingers and teleported back to his station.

Bill: I'm back. Dipper is currently doing something.

Bill: now I have to wait for him

Bill: in the mean time, I will answer the other question which is

Bill: *pull up his eyepatch and squint his eyes at the paper in his hand* ' And Also, Is there a like one for you and shooting star?'

Bill: hmmmm *crumbles up the paper and throws it behind him* well, I don't know what that means.

Bill: Like a "shipping" name for me and Star- THERE YOU GO AGAIN

Im sorry!!!!


I know l!! My mistake im sorry!!

Bill: geez. Now Go get me those human drinks. The clear one.


Bill: yes now go! The readers don't want to see you!

Okay damn! SHIT!

Bill: *clears his throat and fixes his eyepatch* anywho, me and SHOOTING STAR. I guess there's one? I'm not sure. But you people out there know for sure!

Bill: you crazy humans.

Bill: alright, I waited long enough. Dipper is probably in his room all dressed.

Bill: now excuse me for a sec *walks out of the room and comes back dragging dipper and placing him on the seat next bill's*

Bill: everybody welcome Dipper Pines!! *claps*

Dipper: *waves shyly a bit then crosses his arms*

Bill: so anyways, pine tree about the question-

Dipper: why am I he-

Bill: dipper it's rude to interrupt.

Dipper: but-

Bill: dipper, what do you think about Billdip?

Dipper: I don't like it.

Bill: you're lying.

Dipper: i-I'm not!

Bill: your voice went high and you stuttered.

Dipper: I-I-

Bill: you're doing it again.

Dipper: *blush* I-I'm

Bill: now you're blushing.

Dipper: *groans a bit and cover his face with his hands, still blushing*

Bill: so does that mean you like it?

Dipper: *groans in annoyance*

Bill: he likes it.

Bill: well there you have it, kids!

Bill: remember! Reality Is An Illusion! The Universe Is An Hologram! Buy Gold! Byyyeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Bill: so Pine Tree you want do some live action BillDip? I'm winking under my eyepatch

Dipper: *blushes the rudest shade of red* . . .

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