Chapter Twenty-Four

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The cab ride gave her time to think, but she still had no resolution to any of her current problems

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The cab ride gave her time to think, but she still had no resolution to any of her current problems. Michael was going to continue taking care of the shelter. Angelique was grateful for that, as it would give her the time needed to find benefactors to save the shelter, or perhaps an investor to bail them out.

She still wasn't sure what to do about Heaven Sent. Michael said Rebecca was enjoying running the place, so perhaps she could hang in a little while longer. She had to concentrate her efforts on saving the shelter and preparing for the trial against Bobby.

"This is your stop, lady," the cabbie had told her. She handed him her fare, plus a generous tip.

"Hey thanks!" he said, smiling at her.

"You're welcome."

She stood and watched as the car drove away. Even though she had all that on her mind, the thought that plagued her most was John and what to do about him. She wished she knew where he lived, or his phone number. Of course, she had his office number, but she wasn't about to call there. If only she could talk to him and ask him why he left last night. For once they were making progress and then...

Angelique opened the door to her apartment building. She only took a few steps inside before a door opened and both Rebecca and Saint tackled her. 

"I'm so glad you 're back!" Rebecca exclaimed. 

Then the teen awkwardly backed away, looking rather shy, like she expected Angelique to reject her affection. Angelique grinned and pulled her back into her embrace.

"I've missed you too," Angelique said, hugging her. They both laughed as Saint kept trying to push himself between them. Angelique let Rebecca go and knelt down to Saint's level, who jumped up to hug her, putting his front paws around her neck, and started licking her face.

"Okay, boy. I missed you too!" Angelique took the dog's paws from her shoulders and ruffled his fur.

"I was hoping you'd show up. How did it go today?" Rebecca asked.

"Good, got a postponement. Now I just have to find the money."

"Is that possible?"

"I don't know, all I know is I have to try."

Rebecca looked worried.

"I need your help," Angelique said.

"Name it!" Rebecca was eager to help in any way that she could.

"Can you continue on with Heaven Sent, just for a little while? I need to find an investor or benefactor to secure funds for the shelter. I promise to pay you for your time."

"Yeah, no problem, and don't worry about that last part. I've been wanting a way of repaying you for all you've done for me, just happy to have the chance."

Angelique smiled. "I'd like you to keep Saint with you. I would feel better about you traveling back and forth with him in tow."

"Well, he does usually go with me anyway, so that shouldn't be a problem. As for the travel... Deacon Michael brings me home. He didn't like the idea of me traveling alone."

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