Chapter 46

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Chapter 46


"No! No, no, NO! Stop, please! She's still there!" I screamed, my voice hoarse.

Next to me, Amber was attempting to keep me calm. All I could do was scream. Ember's last words played back in my head like a broken record. I love you Joshua. Don't forget me. Was she saying goodbye? My mind didn't want to believe it. She sacrificed herself for me. My heart felt like it was ripped out of my chest. I couldn't stop myself when I started to sob, uncontrollably. Behind me, Amber was crying as well. Dangling from my neck, like it has been for weeks, was my engagement ring. I took off the ring, holding it in my hands. The silver band and chain glinted in the soft moonlight pouring through the helicopter windows. I will never forget you, Ember. I love you too.

(Hey guys! AAAAAHHHHH! FEELS! WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS EXPLOSIVE ENDING???? POW! IT'S NOT THE END YET, THOUGH. Sorry about the italics. Something wrong with my laptop. Vote and comment!)

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