Bad boy bieber

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Walking down the hallways of my ratchet school made me feel like I was being taught in a zoo with again, ratchet animals

U were heading to ur locker when a big, tough pair of hands pushed u to ur locker, slamming ur whole body against it.

U whimpered in pain

" aww, r u whimpering? " a manly voice cooed in ur ear All of a sudden, u knew who it was......

Justin Drew Bieber ; aka : the bad boy

U stayed silent but in lots of pain.

He had his whole body against urs and held ur arms against the lockers

" Justin, let go, ur hurting me " u whispered in pain

" sorry babe, that's not possible "

" Justin plz " u said almost in tears

He grabbed ur face and slammed it against the locker

It hurt so much that u saw black blotches everywhere

U let the darkness take over.........

When u woke up, u were in a soft, king sized bed with comfy sheets and pillows. U didn't know where u were. U got of the bed and headed to the door. On ur way to the door, u stopped at a mirror

U had a bruise on ur cheek and lip

All of it came back to u, it was Justin who did this to u.

U felt a tear slide down ur cheek that send a burning feeling across ur bruise .

Just when u were about to break down and cry, the door slammed open
U turned to see who it was...........


He smirked when he saw u

Then he looked down at ur body
U looked down to see urself in his shirt and ur underwear ( but it covered ur parts )

U took a step back

He followed but stepped closer

U kept moving back until u hit the wall

U whimpered in pain

He chuckled and put his whole body against urs.

U looked away

He kissed ur neck.

U were shocked and frightened at the same time u pushed him away.

He had a furious look on his face.

U felt scared

U tried to run past him but he caught ur arm and tossed u on the bed

He got closer and leaned in so his whole body was hovering over urs.

" look, Y/N, I'm sorry for what I did
I was just mad that I could never have u, like u being mine, all the boys admire u, which makes me furious. Please Y/N, be mine. "

U couldn't believe what was coming out of his mouth.

" Justin, I-I......

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