Chapter Eight: All Goes to Poodoo

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Nyron's pod had landed in a dusty plain not far from one of Zygerria's many citycapped mesas, and he had left as soon as he landed.
"Where in the galaxy is he?" wondered Ishti aloud as he stepped onto the planet's surface.
"Knowing that space rat, probably a cantina." guessed Da'bral as he came up behind Ishti, who was now crouched on the floor.
"Well," he began, looking up from the ground he had been studying, "Wherever he is, it's somewhere in that city, he headed in that direction anyway."
So they hurried towards the city, anxious to get to Nyron before he did anything - well, just anything.

Almost immediately upon entering the city, they saw a cantina, brightly coloured with sharp corners in the traditional Zygerrian fashion. Suspecting that Nyron would have wanted a drink as quickly as possible, they cautiously went in. Amazingly, everything looked normal, though it was too loud to be sure that Nyron wasn't simply starting small at the back. Ishti's heart boiled with rage as he looked at the species that had destroyed his life, and then swelled with pity at the many men and women he saw to whom they had done the same.
"Listen for screams." He muttered.
"We gotta make some silence here. I have an idea." Da'bral told him, and shot into the ceiling.

Everybody panicked. Everyone that is, except one. Gonbor Nyron calmly placed his drink - whiskey, his new favourite - on the table, and pushed through the mindless brawl of chaos caused by the shot, to the men at the door.
"You're here already?" he moaned, "I hadn't even finished step three! And you did four and five without me!"
Da'bral put on a smile, trying to hide not only his anger, but now his confusion. "Nyron my friend! I was sure you were here drinking!"
"You know me well, I thought you'd want to kill me though, after what I did to your ship. Since you're not killing me though, kill them!" He exclaimed, shooting one of the two guards that had just arrived in the stomach and running out the door after the other one, who had darted away as soon as he saw danger.

Ishti took after him, yelling his name as he followed him down a narrow lane. He followed him round a right corner, and then a left one, only to find him scrambling around the street, looking through windows, up at the roofs, even in the gutters. Ishti sighed as Nyron grabbed a passerby, yelling, "Did you see a guard 'round here?!", and took out his blowpipe and shot him.

"Aha! I dodged it! And now I stab this guy, cuz he doesn't know where that kriffin' guard went."
"No. It just hit you in the neck."
"What? But I'm nimble and quick! And I have good reflexes!"
"Not that good."
"Jedi can do it!"
"Jedi are force sensitive."
"Okay, okay, but the Mynock could do it!"
"You're not the Mynock, are you?"
"Fine. I guess I couldn't dodge it. I'll just go to sleep now."

The man Nyron had grabbed gasped as his interrogator span round, his hand on his vibroblade, and fell to the floor, snoring. The man fled, leaving Ishti alone with Nyron, who hauled him over his shoulder and met Da'bral outside the cantina. Then the two of them took Nyron back to their ship, and dumped him on the floor.
"Someone gimme a cheeto." He mumbled. Ishti gave him a worried glance before sitting down and watching him.
"Well, I guess we've missed any chance of collecting the bounty." sighed Ishti, "Let's go back to base."
Da'bral took off, and Ishti stared out the window at the beautiful planet, the home of his enemies.

"Just gimme a pet frog."

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