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Day out

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I spray my setting spray all over my face before grabbing my perfume bottle and spraying it on my wrists,neck and body.

Taking one last glance at myself in the mirror I finally leave the room,making my way

Mr Mendes has been staying with me for 3 days, so I knew that just like every morning so far he'd be away doing whatever is was that he did during the day.

I stroll into the kitchen,humming a tune as i place my phone into my pocket.

I walk to the fridge,swinging it open as I search for a drink.
"Morning" I hear from behind me and I jump,my hand placed on my heart as I let out a small scream.

My heartbeat starts to slow back down when I see Shawn standing by the kitchen door.

He has his arms crossed and he's leaning against the door frame.

"Sorry,I just didn't expect you to be here" I chuckle

"Sorry about that,I just didn't have any errands to run today so I've just been watching tv" he tells me,running a hand through his beautiful hair

"" I respond,not knowing what to reply to that.
"I actually thought since I don't have to do any errands today that we could go somewhere?" He asks me as I lean against the kitchen counter.
"Yeah,sure" I nod
He bends down,tying his shoe lace which had come undone.
"Where were you thinking of going?" I ask him
He tucks the loose lace into his shoe and stands up straight again
"The Aquarium if that's okay with you?" He asks

"Yeah,I love those!" I smile and he smiles back.
"We better get going if we want to have enough time to see everything then" he tells me,grabbing his car keys from the table.
He turns to look at me again and said the kindest thing anyone could ever say to a makeup addict like me

"Your makeup looks amazing by the way"

Before I can thank him his mind just goes to thinking that he's offended me,when he hadn't in any way
"i-i mean it always does I just especially love the colours today" he stutters and I smile at his nervousness
"Thank you" I tell him,pushing my hair to one side
I follow him to the front door
"I wish I was good at it" he tells me and I laugh
"At makeup? Why?" I chuckle
"I just think it's one of the best forms of art" he says and I smile
"Oh so not for yourself then?" I ask and he turns to me with a smirk
"Well...maybe on a Friday night out"

(If you comment any homophobic utter shite on this joke **if I actually see it** you'll be blocked.
News flash- boys can wear makeup too, despite Shawn's character just having patter with her about it and not being serious.)

We walk in silence up to the large aquarium.
It had only taken around an hour to get to it, but I'd been so many times before so I knew how amazing it would be, even after an hour of awkward silence.

Considering it was still early in the morning it was quite quiet and empty.
"Hello" the small woman behind the desk greets us
"Morning" shawn smiles
"Just 2 please" Shawn tells her as she types some stuff into her computer
"That'll be £15.50 please" she tells us and I hand her a £20 note which i'd brought from the purse of money my parents had left for us.

"No, don't be silly" Shawn tells me,lightly guiding my hand back to my side.
He then hands her his own money, causing the woman behind the desk to smile such an impressed smile.
She chuckles,shaking her head slightly
"I never see that often" she smiles
"See what?" I ask
"The boyfriend paying for it all, gentlemen are very rare nowadays" she explains.

Shawn looks at me then back at her

"Oh, no-it's not like that" he chuckles
"That's what they all say,have a good day" she smiles,handing us the tickets.

"Here ya go" shawn tells me,handing me my ticket,his Canadian accent showing.
"Merci" I reply,placing it into my pocket.
He chuckles at my use of French as we continue to walk towards the starting point of the aquarium.


I place my hand up against the glass,admiring the beautiful fish swimming around.
Shawn stands beside me,his arms crossed around his leather jacket which he'd taken off and was now holding.
"I'm so jealous of those fish right now" I say and he chuckles,looking down at me
"Why?" He asks,intrigued
"Cause they're swimming around in cold water while I feel like I'm in a fire or something I'm that warm" I reply
"It is quite warm today,you still have your jacket on though" he tells me and I feel so dumb
"Oh, god,I completely forgot" I say,taking my jacket off
I place it over one arm,continuing to gaze at the fish until Shawn speaks up

Here" he tells me and I turn to him.
He has got his hand extended and is looking at my jacket
"No it's fine,I can hold it" I tell him but he shakes his head
"Please,I insist " he says and I pass it over to him
"Thanks" I smile and he just flashes his usual, beautiful smirk as a reply.

"How do you even know that?" I laugh
"Im a pro when it comes to facts about sea animals " he jokes
"So if I pointed at a fish you'd know a fact about it?" I question him and he nods
"I'd try my best" he tells me as we stop walking and instead stand in front of an open topped large fish tank.

"That one" I say,pointing to one which looked a lot like nemo
"There are 28 species of clown fish,they're usually yellow,Maroon and other colours" he tells me,without even having to think about it

"Oh my god" I laugh, impressed
"That one" I point and he follows the direction in which I'm pointing in and thinks for a moment
"That's a catfish,they're a diverse group of ray-finned fish....and you can also watch their tv show most nights" he tells me and I laugh

"Good one , Mr Mendes" I chuckle
"I do try " he smiles


"I'm starving" Shawn tells me as we walk to the small cafe beside the aquarium
" me too" I say,checking the time on my phone quickly

"2 please" he tells the man who quickly nods.
"This way" he says,guiding us to a cute wee table near the window.
"This is so cute" I say,sitting opposite from him
"It's like totally defo cute" he chuckles
"Sorry,I know I speak like a every other teen girl and Kardashian " I laugh,rolling my eyes


" I loved when that kid was like trying to jump into the fish tank" I laugh and he takes a quick sip of his drink
"Me too,I had to try not to laugh" he chuckles
"Did you see when the parents were like d-" I begin to say but a voice cuts us off

I look beside the table and see a middle aged woman standing,smiling at us.
I turn to Shawn and he has a nervous look on his face

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