Tarzan And Jane

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Ethan's Pov

It was lunch and I felt sick to my stomach, I couldn't eat which was the usual these days.But I still couldn't see her I hadn't seen her since this morning and that worried me, when she was out of my sight it worried me.

"you know staring at everyone wont get them to stop talking" i heard Nina say from beside me, i looked at her to see her smirking with a raised apple as she popped a chip into her mouth. "and it wont help she wont be here"

" why do you observe me it's annoying" i said irritated with her

" well, I'm sorry if I'm only making sure that you'll be okay .... But it seems you wont be until you see her" she said the last part sourly we all knew she didn't like her but I honestly don't give a damn what she thinks these days.

" Thats right I do need to see her so if you'll excuse me" I say getting up and leaving everyone staring after me as I hobbled away.

Charlie's Pov

I watched her through the window of the door way, she was dancing and overtime she got something right her smile would grow bigger. Lily would come here everyday since coming back to school, she would practice and practice sometimes it would end in tears then others she would be smiling, it made me happy to see that she could still smile.

I opens the door slipping in quietly as I watched her dance, it was always mesmerising to watch and she never saw me when I entered the room.The music came to a stop as did her dancing she looked up in the mirror and her smile turned to shock as she saw my reflection clapping.

"i see you haven't lost your rhythm " i say smiling she turned quickly to look at me, she then frowned rating her eyebrow and picking her stuff up."so i don't even get a hello how are you?" i ask slightly hurt

"Hi How are you 'she said sarcastically I sigh in frustration she rolled her eyes and made a head to the door.

"GOD LIL TALK TO US" i shout at her as it echoed around the dance studio, she turned towards me slowly her eyes tearing up

"don't you get it?" she asked but I was confused " I CANT... I cant talk to you or anyone about it Charlie ...just leave me alone"she was begging she was tiered of fighting but I was tiered of her shutting us out.

" why cant you just try" i ask she shakes her head tears slipping out i walk quickly to her whipping the tears of her face

"Because if I do I end like this I can't be like this a weeping mess" she said pushing my hands away slightly.We were silent for a while.

"I've heard what people have been saying ... why haven't you stopped the rumours ?" I ask her she laughed slightly.

"Like I could , I was a nerd before I met you guys none cares for me and those rumours may as well be true Charlie... he took that built for me I'm the reason he's been walking with a walking stick why he cant eat..."

"You've been watching him" I said quietly looking at her she was still their she still cared for him.

"Of course I have" she said like it was stupid to think she wouldn't "as much as I hurt him I still care about him... he was all I wanted ...and needed" she said finally, then it all clicked she's moving away because she doesn't want it to happen again.

"you haven't talked to us because ... your afraid it will happen again, and you think you're the reason this happened" i said she nodded

"And yet you come here making me feel like an idiot for shutting you all out but it's all I know.... Because he will break out again and he will come back I know it ... I feel it" what she said hang in the air as we stared at each other, then the bell rang making her jump out of place.

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