Primero Session (7)

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“Will you stop that?” The kid beside me asked vexed by my foot tapping.

I stopped and gave him a scowl in return.

He to returned the glare then proceeded to pick up his books from the table and move elsewhere.

Once he was out of sight I went back to tapping my foot checking my crappy ass watch for the time.

Gram was running late. It was already 4:13. He was thirteen minutes late.

Damn jocks, thinking they can do any damn thing they want whenever the hell they want.

Just then he can running in the library supplies in hand.

Sweat beaded down his forehead in an almost-dare I say it attractive way.

Don’t think like that Rory. They all are monsters underneath.

Gram practically ripped the chair out before sitting down hard.

I stared at him bug eyed. He looked like he just ran across the city to get here.

Still huffing and puffing he said, “I’m sorry. This guy was outside and his car needed a change in tires. I offered him some help. I didn’t think it would take so long.”

I rolled my eyes. Changing a tire shouldn’t take him that long. I would know because He is to cheep to take his car to a real mechanic, so I learned how to fix up cars myself. Changing a tire took me about four minutes each. Twenty minutes at most to do all four.

“Sure Gram. ‘Helped a guy change his tires.’ If that’s what they call shacking up with your whore now a days then alright.”

Grams face hardened. “That’s not nice to say when the person can’t be here to defend their self.”

“Yet saying to their face in anything different?” I fired back.

“No, but seeing as I don’t want to rile you up we mind as well get to the point. So lets start with names, birth, and family members. My full name is Gram Blakely Stone. I was born second to my mom and dad, Brenda and Wallace. I have an older brother named John, who’s currently in the military. I also have a younger brother named Gabe. Did you get all of that down?” He asked, finished telling his brief origins.

Looking up at him from my thin spiral notebook I had, had for two years because He didn’t give me money to buy me a nice new one and I nodded.

“So…What about you?” Gram asked.

“My mom’s dead. That’s all you need to know.” I said trying so hard to bit back the harsh tone trying to find it’s way into my voice.

Gram frowned. “Oh god, I’m sorry. What happened-No never mind don’t answer that…who do you live with then?” He asked not looking me in my eye.

“My stepfather and his girlfriend J.J. I’m a single child.” My voice sounded very bleak when I said this.

“What was your mothers name?” He asked politely.

“Her name was, Alena…”

“You miss her.” Gram said.

I nodded. “Everyday.”

My eyes snapped up to his sad ones.

We fell into an intimate silence. Every second of it made me feel like he was getting closer to dig his claws into me and making me want to tell him everything, but this part of me kept me silent by its yelling of me not to trust him because he too would turn out to be just like Him.

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