*9 Years and 2 months later*

Grayson is getting ready for his brother's wedding.


He is going.

Grayson misses his brother so much.


Grayson really loves his Ethan.

So he will be there.

He will be there for Ethan.

"Are you ready Grayson?"

"Yes I am, let's go."

Ryan nods and leaves Grayson's room.

Grayson follows him.

Grayson is sad.

Like really sad.

"Are you sure you want to go there?"

"Yes I am. He is my brother."

"I wouldn't go there but.. Since you still love him.. Let's go then.."

Grayson stays quiet as Ryan runs the car.


The hotel is big.

Like really big.

"Don't worry you look good." 

Ryan says, smiling.

"Thanks dude."

"Should I go?"

"Yeah you can go."

"Okay. I will pick you up in three or four hours. Yeah?"

"Yeah. Bye."

Grayson waves.

He is nervous.

He misses his brother so much.

Now he is getting married.


And Grayson is broken. 

He takes a deep breath.

And gets into the big building.


This hotel is amazing.

And designed perfectly.

There are so many green and red colors.

And there is a huge cake.

A wedding cake.

Grayson's heart is about to stop.

He wants to cry.

His heart is already crying.

Grayson is not happy.

Grayson is so sad.

He doesn't know what to do.

It is crowded inside.

Grayson feels sick.

He stands there. 

It is really crowded.

So many paparazzis.. 

So many people..

Grayson just stands there.

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