Kou Mukami?

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"That's what you get" Aiko said while walking towards their Class the brothers glaired at laito and yui who only glared at (her) behind she stomped on her feet and puffed her cheeks

Time skip

Sugoi. .aiko thoughts but didn't know that kou has sneak up behind her

"Mm...are you the sakamakis boy?" Kou smirked but Inside the smirk he was in fury want to destroy his(?) Pretty face

She looked at him monotonously " I'm just a game developer not a boy servant to serve vampires " then she left

Making kou stand there

He smirked "oh my looks like we have a spicy new adventure here (stomach growls) oh man well let's eat some spaghetti my favorite" then he teleports to find some junk food

Time skip

All this time I missed you youre touch thought aiko sitting on the bench she had a serious look in her(??)
Face she could feel someone is looking at her and maybe want her to move

She clenches her fist and began to feel crazy she started to grin crazy and grip her hair and pulled her knees to her stomach

She began to pant like losing breath she collapsed to the floor

Till she heard a scream it's .....

????? Pov

Wake up I'm sorry for ignoring you I'm sorry forgive me! I'm sorry if I was mean!

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