Chapter 1

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-I could just eat his chubby cheeks!- Leigh gushed, holding the infant in her arms as she sat on the couch, an endeared smile on her face as she looked at him.

Jade laughed, gazing at her baby boy with a loving smile, as she prepared lunch.

-He's so tiny and cute!- the girl with the afro kept on saying, cooing at Teddy as he looked up at her, sapphire eyes wide and curious.

The Geordie chuckled, turning off the stove and quickly getting everything ready, wanting her baby boy back in her arms. To say she was in love with their baby was an understatement. Both her and Perrie were so over the moon, they were elated. Teddy was now three weeks old, his eyes the same ocean blue as the younger Geordie's, which made the brunette swoon even more. He usually slept through the night, only waking up sometimes when he was hungry or needed his diaper changed. He had the same fair complexion and golden locks as the ivory-skinned girl, being almost a carbon copy of her if it weren't for the brunette's nose.

-How's the no frickle frackling going?- Leigh inquired, gingerly giving Teddy to his mom as they sat on the table, the petite girl smiling adoringly at him, pecking his tiny nose.

-Oh my God, it's so hard. I mean, I don't mean to sound addicted or anything but...we usually make love every day...- the Geordie said, blushing slightly.-...unless I'm on my period, so it's kinda difficult- she said, giggling as Teddy nuzzled her breasts.

-Someone's hungry- Leigh laughed.

Having just moved her shirt, the infant immediately latched on, suckling enthusiastically.

-Wow, this one's got an appetite- the girl with the afro exclaimed, surprised.

-Just like his momma- Jade said, giggling, tenderly caressing her baby's cheek.

-So how are you guys doing, then?- Leigh inquired, referring to their earlier topic.

The no sex rule her gynecologist had told her about because she was still healing after the birth was four weeks long, at least.

-Well, there's other ways...that's all I'm gonna say- the petite girl said, smiling cheekily.

-Pervs- her friend laughed, shaking her head at her best friend.

Having finished her classes for the day, Leigh had decided to spend the day with her friend and Teddy. After having lunch, they went to the living room to watch some movies, the infant falling asleep soom after being fed, his small body resting comfortably on his mom's torso. The tanned girl's heart swelled at her baby boy's peacefulness, one of his tiny hands holding onto her finger. He loved his sleep just as much as the younger Geordie did. The petite girl smiled at the thought.
During the middle of their second film, which was Peter Pan, while the girl with the Afro snoozed on the other sofa, the brunette heard the sound of keys and the front door opening and soon closing. Her heart fluttered even more if possible in her chest as she heard her love's voice, the younger Geordie soon appearing, Jesy close behind. Perrie grinned at the sight before her, feeling somersaults in her stomach as she approached her girl and baby boy.

-Hello, gorgeous. How are you and our nugget doing?- she whispered as she kneeled beside them, pressing a sweet kiss on her wife's lips before kissing the sleeping baby's head, smiling, lovingly, at them.

-Really good, even better with you here. We missed you- the older Geordie said, a hand caressing Teddy's back while the other cupped the ivory-skinned girl's cheek, softly rubbing it with her thumb.

Leaning into the touch, the taller girl sighed, contently, closing her eyes for a moment to savour the affection.

-I missed you, too- the blonde stated, joining her two loves on the couch as the smaller girl moved to make room for her, being careful so she wouldn't wake the infant. Teddy didn't even stirr, only squeezing her mommy's finger for a second.

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